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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oyster Bar


Oyster king arrives to Bangkok

American biologist turned international seafood distributor Bill Marinelli opens his own restaurant in Bangkok, on the back yard of the Kingdom's main financial district, Narathiwas-Rajanagarin Road (a.k.a. New Sathorn Road).

At Bill's Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant we sample the same seafood and quality of those Bangkok's 5-star hotels are on offer, only price tagged in half.

Seafood and oysters shipped (from around the world) to the restaurant twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. The seafood platter at THB 2,000 is a treat, consisting of six fresh oysters of the day, portion of Alaskan king crab legs, scallop ceviche, portion of Dungeness crab, little neck clams, Skookum clams, mussels, tiger prawns and more.

Beef eaters, sorry, Oyster Bar does not serve food that doesn't swim.

Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant ***1/2
395 Soi 24 Narathiwas-Rajanagarin Road
opposite Chatrium Residence (formerly Oakwood City Residence)
Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.212.4809
Oyster Bar

Open daily (except Monday): 6 - 11 pm (Sunday 10 pm)
Weekend brunch available between 12 - 3 pm (THB 1,680++)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 2,500 (incl. fresh oysters)


Stella said...

Yes I pay attention to BKK everyday thru Jade Channel.
The situation has been serious for the past 3 days.
But glad this only happens in certain areas.
Please take care my dear.
Be careful and alert when you go out.

in the sea said...

Really sad to see it. It's similar to what we see in HK.

Stella said...

If they continue this longer, this will be a loss-loss situation.
Hope they are smart enough to figure this out soon.
BKK cannot afford this prolonged scene.
We cannot wait to see this stop.
I miss BKK.
I love BKK.

in the sea said...

Wow.. the local TVB news mis-reported on the location of 皇家田 (that open ground used for demonstration or certain occasions). They pointed at the south of Sathorn, i.e. Rama III. :)

Michael said...

TVB news = 是是旦旦

Stella said...

TVB news about BKK relied on comments from Roger Wu quite a bit. Roger Wu may not be a good gourmet, but he is local Thai so the news about the red shirt is quite accurate and neutral.
He mentioned certain areas are quite serious and warn people not to go there. But he also mentioned other areas are ok.

in the sea said...

Tonight I saw the running note telling Central World was torn down due to fire burning. I just took a check at Bangkok Post and it's true. Collapsed.. So sad.. :( Some inner parts of Paragon and Siam Center were damaged too.

Our memory.... those people didn't have any feelings about those buildings... Would they ever think someone burn their homes and how would they feel?

Stella said...

Yes SEA, this is so sad. How can people hurt their own home land like this. They are insane.
I had so much memory at Central World; I feel really sad. BKK has been part of my life since 2005.
My sad feeling this time is just the same at Sept 11, 2001.

That is why we shall treasure every single moment we have, either to a place, to a building, to a friend, to a good restaurant, to a good dish, to a good trip. And don't take for granted there is the second round. If there is, than we shall treasure it too as there may not be a 3rd round.
God bless BKK.
God bless Thailand.

in the sea said...

Some of my friends said they wanna go to Bangkok and go to Central World for paying a last respect. I think they mean it if the marshall laws are released. We have lots of friends who are tied with Bangkok. Bangkok you are loved. When you are ready, we are ready!

Back to this new posting, good to see some live oyster in an area I used to hang around. THB2,000 is a good bargain. Supposed it'd be at least THB4-5,000 for this kind of seafood platter. :)

Bangkok, y

Richard said...

Yes I am very attached to Central World. We shop there, we eat there, we walk around there, we take pictures there.... Even my co-workers today are sad as half of them(20)have been there and they love BKK.
My lawyer customer brought me some snacks(label from Siam Paragon) today, we kind of mourn for a while before we open the snack.

in the sea said...

This is also what exactly happen the same here. I looked at my t-shirts, pants and slippers bought from Zen. :(

Thailand Club said...

ZEN will be back in two years, and part of the Central World sooner ..

Stella said...

Zen in 2 years huh. OK I will wait faithfully. In the mean time, we will have Chris' hat, plush doll and shirt bought over there as souvenirs.

Now all the things bought at Central World have invaluable sentimental value.

Oh, what happens to the new hotel that SEA had the one-year membership? And what happen to Red Sky?

Mickey Mouse said...

the hotel is fine, only need to do renovation in the lower lobby

Red Sky is fine, the red-buffalo afraid of height

in the sea said...

Even I can go to Centara Grand for staying or taking a meal, it wouldn't be the same, and my mood wouldn't be easier. My sisters, friends and I still can't let go of what happened. They just expressed why such a nice city can be treated like that. What's wrong with the city. The city itself is innocent. Voicing out and complaint shouldn't go with cruelty. What we do would be what our kids learn. Sorry I still can't settle down with my sentiment.

Stella said...

Yes SEA, I do feel your sentiment and sadness.
If even people far from LA can feel the pain and get emotional, no need to mention someone who treated BKK the second home and has been at Central World so many times every year. This is like ruining your 2nd home.
Yes, this Angel City is innocent and not deserve this kind of cruel treatment. We LA people feel mad why Red Thai people can hurt his own people and country like this. This is worse than 9-11. At least 9-11 was attacked by non US terrorist.
Even those terrorist they don't harm their own people like that.
Yes SEA, if my emotion is recovered from this yet, for sure you are not.
Now I do profoundly feel how wars damage people and the place, both physically and mentally.

Stella said...

I meant if my emotion is "NOT" recovered from this yet, for sure you are not. Missed the word "not" in previous comment.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Baht 2,000 for the mentioned seafood platter is a real bargain, added that the restaurant owner is also a seafood importer, quality must be good too! Agree, it is a treat!

Near your home too isn't it?

in the sea said...

Some of my friends sent me their sad messages. Some miss Arsenal shop as they don't travel far and so happy to find one at CWP. Some miss some brands Zen carries, so do I. Some miss Isetan for something they can't find in other malls. So many to be missed.

Re this Oyster Bar, it's like a loop of memory. Now going back to Oakwood time. Round and round it goes.

Stella said...

I missed all of them: Zen, Isetan, Central World, Ginger Bread in front of Central World, all the good food and good people in BKK....
I have to say there are still more good people than rotten ones in BKK.
I love BKK.
I love Thai people, Thai food, Thai tea, Thai coffee, Thai song, Thai movie....... Thailand is a paradise; really "Thai Ho"(too good to be ruined).

Gregory said...

to be named Oyster bar, they should have a few selection of Oyster. What type do they have?

Thailand Club said...

seasonal but at least 10 kinds each week from the US water, as well as Australia and France ..