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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chester's Grill


Shiny chicken sunny days

I am not fancy into fast food dining due to their nutrition facts; however, Thai native Chester's Grill is one exception.

First time I encountered the irresistible Chester's Grill succulent grilled chicken was twenty years ago, at MBK Centre in downtown Bangkok. Since then, I am one of her big fans. It is definitely the pride of Thais to gain success in the Western dominated battle field of fast food industry.

While the global largest fried chicken fast food chain is always on the spotlight of animal rights and welfare activists in recent years, why not sample the healthier grilled chicken at Chester's Grill as soon as fast food dining is in mind!

the real finger licking Chester's Grill grilled chicken pieces

3. a bowl of shrimp wonton soup is the highlight after some chicken wings
4. hot dog that tastes exactly like On-Lok-Yuen's

Chester's Grill Chicken Restaurant ***
Major shopping centers in Bangkok
Chester's Grill

Pay (food only for two): around THB 150


Stella said...

Grilled chicken is a lot better than fried chicken.

in the sea said...

My first trying Chester's Grill was at the Siam Square soi. Since then it's a regular snack for me. Yes, shiny chicken shiny days.

Yai said...

This is my favourite grill chicken shop. To me it is hi-so fast food. Normally I spend 30 Baht for khao gaeng.

Stella said...

The chicken looks so shiny and succulent.
Yes the hot dog looks like On Lok Yuen's too, look and slim. Hard to find this shape here(unless for kid's meal). US hot dog is big and fat(like its people).
So this place is like our HK style cafe in LA where they serve chicken wing, grilled chicken like yours here, won ton noodle soup, hot dog and sandwiches.
There is a good one in Alhambra on Valley and Garfield called Bacalli, their rotisserie chicken is like yours here. I usually go there at least 2 times a month.
Whole chicken at lunch time is only $7. Next to this place to the east is the old Kitchen Restaurant. Next to "Kitchen" to the east is Yogurtland and Pheonix Food Boutique.
Across Bacalli is Garden Cafe.

in the sea said...

Question: Khao Gaeng = rice porridge? Thanks in advance.

Thailand Club said...

no Sea, khao-gaeng is not rice porridge

it is kind of single dish combo menu (like ours 碟頭飯) meal can be accompanied with either plain rice or rice soup; in BKK u must aware of those small shops displaying buffet style cooked food in trays at entrance, there, they r khao-gaeng restaurants

Fillet-O Fish said...

TC you still love this grilled chicken? For me so-so. The hot dog, yes, very On Lok Yuen though.