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Thursday, May 13, 2010



A climb to the blue blood

It is a trend that some high-so food lovers took a course or two at Le Cordon Bleu (where-ever-campus) with dream for securing a ticket to the Kingdom's top chef membership. Unfortunately not all of them climb to the top seats. It is easy to receive ones Le Cordon Bleu's diploma (and to show it in ones restaurant) but it is not necessary customers love the food. Except chocolate connoisseurs Pat and Pin, they got the ticket.

Their cake shop named after famous 1905 opera, Cherubin. But decor of the shop trace no shadow of the opera, instead it is a house for teddy bears. An army of teddy bears there to watch customers eating the shop specialty brownies cheesecakes. For me, the treat is her French chocolate cake.

Cherubin Chocolate Bakery ***1/2
5/2-3 Soi Sawasdee
Sukhumvit Road Soi 31
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.260.9800

Open daily (except Monday) 10:30 am - 7 pm
Pay (cake only for two): around THB 200


Paranoid Android said...

Oooooh! Sounds lusciously delicious. Must make a trip back to Bangkok after the mess clears.

Stella said...

Yes I have been here. The cake is nice, the coffee is nice, the atmosphere is nice with lots of bears to hug.
Lily was from Le Gordon Bleu in Pasadena.

in the sea said...

I made a dream. After a sliding door, greeted with Sawasdee Ka, there came countless shops and restaurants, including this one, Buddhi Belly, Mousses & Meringues, Kalprapruek, and Lord Jim's built right on a big oval aqua blue with lime/yellow swimming pool. Further behind is a bowling center and a big bicycle course with lakes and green.

SS, have you watched the movie Julia vs. Julia shown last year (by Meryl Streep)? Meryl played the influential American Chef Julia who brought in the French cooking culture to the States. Julia was from Pasadena. Meryl played so well in the movie and especially for her course taking in a culinary school (seemed like Le Gordon Bleu). She was somehow the worst in cutting skill among all other students.

Mickey Mouse said...

well sad that this movie is not available in BKK yet :(

Paranoid Android said...

What a fascinating dream, Sea. Yes, Meryl Streep played Julia Childs to the hilt and immitated her voice and gestures perfectly. (I saw some old clips in you tube.

Stella said...

What a nice dream SEA.
I think your dream tells you have missed BKK a lot lately.
No I did not watch that "Julia vs Julia" movie but would like to. This seems to be an interesting movie since it is related to Pasadena, and also related to cooking.
And I like Meryl Streep. I still remember her movie in "Kramer vs Kramer"(beyond your time).

Anonymous said...

It is Le Cordon Bleu, the famous cooking school, not Le Gordon Bleu. :-)


in the sea said...

My dream came true 4 hours ago. I went to Jusco near by and they made the whole floor into a Paragon food mall, with some Thai dance music. The first time I saw Jusco like that - totally themed in another deco. I bought some Thai food and Thai tuna chunks in spring water. I used my last stock this morning and so happy finding some replacements!

Jusco is very clever as they know lots of HK tourists would be missing something Thai. It's "people mountain people sea" over there.

Thanks Android for reminding on checking on youtube. I'll go check on that. I love the scene when she first arrived at France and tasted her favourite French cuisine, and the time she spent in the culinary school.

Thanks for rectifying on "Cordon". Good to know that.

Thailand Club said...

thanks Derek for the le cordon bleu correction

miss ur condo? now in a war zone!

in the sea said...

I think we got misled it's Gordon because we used to have a HK restaurant's "Pork Chops in Gordon style" as 法式歌頓豬扒. So in direct translation back from Chinese writing we thought it's Gordon. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I miss my second home. I am stuck in HK for 2 months already. Some Thai websites said one needs to prove one's residency to get into the Chitlom/ Langsuan area.


Thailand Club said...

yes Derek u need to stick ur house registration booklet in front of the chest (easier with a $1,000 tips) in order to enter to the restricted area, Langsuan is one of the war zone

time to buy another vacation home or emergency home in Pattaya?

Stella said...

Yes I saw from Jade Channel tonight they mapped the areas if Wireless Road, US Embassy, 4-face Budda and Central World as the "red" zone.

Yai said...

Hello p'TC, why recently you eat near our prime minister home on Soi Sawasdee? You not worry safety lor!

Hehe I enjoy this cakes.

Stella said...

Hi Yai,
Are you busy fighting lately?
Hope all is well with you.
Please take care.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Please bring me to this chocolate cafe. A side trip to visit the prime minister house wouldn't be too much!