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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



The glory of Anna is back!

During Thailand suffered from its worst economic turmoil in 1998, many restaurants in the region were forced to farewell from the scene. Entrepreneurs were so reluctant into new restaurant venture at that time. Except one. The Anna's Cafe.

If you are a fan of Thailand and a frequent traveler to Bangkok; I assume that you had been eaten at the original and once legendary Anna's Cafe on Soi Saladaeng, at least once, before its closure in 2006.

Five years later, the Anna returns (somehow with a swanky price tag).

1. crispy fried catfish with hot and spicy salad THB 160+
2. deep-fried shrimp cakes THB 160+

3. stir-fried baby kale THB 100+
4. deep-fried trevalley with mango salad THB 340+

5. apple crumble THB 110+

6. sauteed calamari with salty eggs THB 160+
7. chicken in green curry THB 160+

8. Anna salad THB 200+; 9. grilled dory fillet in white wine sauce THB 250+

Anna Restaurant & Art Gallery ***
27 Soi Piphat, North Sathorn Road
Silom, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.237.2788

Open daily : 11 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 900


in the sea said...

Those were the days of Anna's cafe in soi Saladaeng. I recall their Apple crumble which is pretty good. That place is in a nice environment.

Tommy Leung said...

Many of us miss the noisy but cheerful ambience at Anna's in the old days. So hope this new shop is not anywhere too elegant and formal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Kindly consider to include your esteemed restaurant ratings as Lables. I would like to search all your rated restaurants with ****.

Your truley,

Stella said...

I am a fan of BKK and yet I did not have chance to try this one yet.

It is amazing you can keep introducing so many good restaurants with no ending. Amazing BKK. Amazing Thailand.

in the sea said...

Oh, it has that classic ambient color paint. Very unique.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Oh price up up! Taste up up too?

Stella said...

Supposed to be that way Fish Burger.

Stella said...

I have to watch news about the verdict on Amina in HK now. Bye.

in the sea said...

Wow.. my missed Apple Crumble!

Thailand Club said...

yes, the apple crumble is as good as before .. but not all dishes; some dishes not quite good, e.g. the catfish salad is a big miss

in the sea said...

Yes, some can be skipped as I recall like those stir fried veggie with meat with plain rice...etc. :)