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Tuesday, December 07, 2010



Crown the cover version

In 1997, Japanese renowned beef-bowl chain Yoshinoya cast her debut in Bangkok. After struggled from doing business in the "tomyumgoong financial crisis" climate and in miscalculation of the Thais consuming and eating habits, two short years later in 1999, the mission failed.

Happy that ten years later, the empire strikes back! But not by Yoshinoya herself, instead it is her cover version, Gyunoya. Ramentei, an AOI restaurant, ex-consultant brought Gyunoya to life, serving Japanese style rice beef-bowl in Bangkok's C.B.D. Except the shop interior, everything in Gyunoya is very "Yoshinoya" - the rice, the beef, the sauce and even the bowl!

Gyunoya 牛野家 ***
Soi Thaniya, Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.632.8506

Open daily : 11 am - 1 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 300


Stella said...

Beef bowl is our favorite fast food in LA.
The beef is so tender and the price is so cheap.

Stella said...

Wow, just noticed you have Face Book and Twitter access.

Thailand Club said...

to hv a better view in my blog, TC recommend Chrome and IE8, but not Firefox

in the sea said...

Cover version for food too... interesting.

in the sea said...

Ah... this one... now I know and you mentioned about the story of it.

Queen William said...

Yoshinoya is my fast food alternative to uncle Mc's.

Fillet-O Fish said...

No salmon steak on rice? I don't eat beef la.

in the sea said...

Fillet O Fish, eat eel...

Stella said...

Hi Fish Burger,
You will miss out the enjoyment of eating beef, chicken, pork and frog then.

Thailand Club said...

well he (fillet-o-fish) eats chicken pork and frog too, he just doesn't eat beef

@Fillet-O Fish: this place has tuna bowl, but raw version :-) sashimi tuna rice bowl

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

I have actually tried this place after wandering and looking around for a place to eat in the area.

Just recognized it from your photos!

Great Gyudon!

Stella said...

Thank you TC.
Good to hear the Fish Burger is not limited to fish. Almost thought he is a cat. :)