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Thursday, December 02, 2010



Tum that papaya pok pok

i-tum, a bright and hygiene Issan somtum (spicy raw papaya salad) joint near the Dhurakitbundit University. Price is student friendly but food quality is on the high side. The somtum papaya salad is fresh and crunchy, pungent and flavorsome, zaap eli.

1. nam-tok moo (grilled pork tossed with herbs and Isaan dressing), totally bland!
2. fresh veggie

3. pak ped tord (duck mouth, oops it is really the mouth) sun dried, deep-fried, nice!
4. dab moo waan (cooked pork liver salad), taste so-so!

5. refreshing somtum, good quality, spicy, taste good!

6. tom zaap (spicy and sour Issan soup with spare ribs), flavorsome, zaap ma!

7. moo dad diew (sun dried marinated pork), tender, a bit salty but good!
8. peek gai tord (deep-fried chicken wings), aromatic, taste okay!

i-tum Issan Restaurant ***
G/F Urban Square
Prachachuen Road
Laksi, Bangkok 10210

Open daily : 11 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 300


in the sea said...

Wow.. my most missed som tam! It looks so clean and also very freshly made from the shiny juicy look. I can even smell the fragrance of it.. haha.. I am losing sleep tonight!

Stella said...

I first thought this is a color paint class from the first and last pictures.
The salad looks good.
Papaya salad is also popular at Thai Restaurant here.

Stella said...

Nice decoration inside.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Duck mouth! Can we really eat that?

The papaya salad is fresh and beautiful in the picture.

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

Just looking at these photos make my mouth water, I miss Thai food so much!

Stella said...

Yes all the food that TC shown here makes my mouth feel watery.

in the sea said...

sun dried and deep fried duck mouth must be very crispy. This one is authentic!

Thailand Club said...

@Bangkok Gastronomy: u miss Thai food! where hv u been la?

Stella said...

Bangkok Gastronomy has been eating non-Thai food in BKK. :)