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Saturday, April 16, 2011

khao-chae @ Erawan Tea Room


Too much, so much, very much! (click separate word for 3 mv)

Three days water splashing celebration during Songkran (Thai New Year) ended. No more water gun shooting. No more splashing water to people. No more water pouring to me. So hot! Time to eat khao chae to cool down the heat, again.

Today, I went to the Erawan Tea Room. Not for the renowned Thai afternoon tea set; but of course, my baby honey loving too much so much very much of the month - khao chae. It is not the best in town, but decent, inexpensive, and convenience (location wise).

khao chae set, THB 220++, only available in April

khao chae at Erawan Tea Room ***1/2
by Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
The Erawan Bangkok, 2/F
494 Ploenchit Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.254.1234

Open daily : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (khao chae set for one): THB 220++ per set, only in April


in the sea said...

Mmh... Do you see Khao Chae when you are in dream? Do you see people with a Khao Chae face? And, when you wake up brushing your teeth, do you see Khao Chae in the sink? If so, don't panic. It's normal, as I have already been having these symptoms. :)

in the sea said...

The main photo is very nice to see the light reflection on the table. Very ambient.

Stella said...

Yes I see Khao Chae showing up in Jade Chnnel too.

BTW, we ended up arriving at the Thai Restaurant for dinner tonight under your influence.

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: i dream eating khao chae in a dream .. :-)

@Stella: is it Saladang? that's the best in LA!

Stella said...

Wow TC, you know Saladang too huh. Amazing. Saladang is on Fair Oaks 2 miles north of my house. This is our #1 place to go for Thai food but quite expensive(4 of us cost $100 US including 9.75% tax and 10% tips).

But last night(Saturday) we went to Thai Paradise on Main Street in San Gabriel. This place has more authentic dishes(such as whole baked/steamed fish, Tom Yum Kung, Hung Choi...) that Salandang does not have) and also the price is 20% cheaper.

Saladang is like Blue Elephant type and Thai Paradise is like the one we ate with SEA and Angel in Thong Lo(the one has good ice cream).

Stella said...

OK, guessing game for you.
How much you think the meal of last night for party of 7 including 9.75% tax(before tips).
Please use US standard instead of the BKK food cost when guessing.
We had:
1) Tom Yum Kung soup with shrimp.
2) Pad Thai.
3) Pineapple fried rice.
4) Green curry egg plant with tofu.(Please note egg plant is $2.5 US per lb.)
5) Red curry chicken.
6) 2 orders of chicken satay.
7) fish cake.
8) 5 ice Thai tea.
9) Some steamed rice($5 US).
10) Black sticky rice soup dessert(complimentary).

Mickey Mouse said...


in the sea said...

US$120. :)

Thailand Club said...

time for Pixmation to guess la ..

Tommy Leung said...

Stella also let us guess her food. Not familiar with US spending cost therefore no idea how much. Blind guess can, US$150.

Stella said...

TC, do you think this is worth $170 US for a regular Thai food dinner with some simple food?

SEA, you had the close guess. The price is $101 including tax.

Thank you gentlemen for the guess.

Stella said...

Tommy, thank you for guessing. If I go to another Thai restaurant called Saladang the same food would cost $150 US so you also had the right guess.

Sam said...

Omg, dancing music here, now we can dance with your blog!