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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Krua Chumsai


Nostalgic palace cuisine

A few (Thai) restaurants named after the noble surname Chumsai (of Chumsai na Ayudhya), tend to classify themselves as palace cuisine. One remarkable "Chumsai" is the Krua Chumsai on Soi Ratchakru. The decor, the menu and even the clienteles are nostalgic (yes there we share joyful ambiance with big-hair noble ladies in groups chatting with friends of the same, and singing live band karaoke, songs from the 40's - 70's).

Thanks to the inherited palace recipes, food at Krua Chumsai is unparalleled delicious, some dishes serve at Krua Chumsai are (quite) exclusive.

1. spicy sausage; 2. dips of preserved crab in coconut milk

3. Thai hors d'oeuvres (they are good!)

4. wok-fried eggplants and crispy pork fat (so good very good!)

5. deep-fried sea bass in spicy and sweet mango dressing

6. spicy and sour chicken soup in blackened broth (pungent hot, yummy!)

7. four-color flour balls with hot-spring egg in coconut milk

Krua Chumsai ****
31 Phahonyothin Soi 5
(Soi Ratchakru)
Samsen Nai, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.278.5212

Open daily : 11 am - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 800


Stella said...

This Palace Eatery sounds unique. Maybe I shall try once.
Songs in 40 to 70's fit me too.

in the sea said...

Not sure if I passed by this one years ago when I once stayed at Ari area. There are indeed quite many nice restaurants in this area.

Tommy Leung said...

Awaiting for photos of palace cuisine.

Anonymous said...

hi, is this place walking distance from BTS Ari? if yes, can i have the directions pls? am visiting Bkk soon and this place sounds interesting :)

Thailand Club said...

@Anonymous 2055: yes Chum Sai is walking distance (about 10 mins) from BTS Ari (Soi Ari is Pahonyothin Soi 7)

after entered to Soi 5, very very soon will c T-House Vietnamnese Restaurant in a small arcade, that's the sub-soi of Chum Sai Restaurant, Chum Sai is 50 meters from the begin of that sub-soi

Stella said...

Very clear direction TC.

Stella said...

Oh nice dishes.
I always buy the first dish(sausage) to go at Vietnamese sandwich shop.
What is the dessert at the last photo?

Anonymous said...

TQ so much for the clear directions TC :) any recommended dishes at Chum Sai that I must order?

Sam said...

This restaurant serves palace recipe cuisine is interesting, now BTS Ari has another good restaurant worth me trying.