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Friday, April 01, 2011

khao-chae @ Pa Noi


Chilled summer continues

Took a river ferry (2 baht) at Pier Wat Sanam-rua (Pak Kret, Nonthaburi) to cross the river, disembarked in Koh Kret, asked a local about khao-chae Koh Kret, she directed me to Raan Pa Noi - the khao-chae specialty vendor runs by pa Noi (auntie Noi) and je Jit (sister Jit).

A trip to Koh Kret, an island in Bangkok's vicinity (haha, yes Bangkok has island!), without a bowl of khao-chae to worship my little belly is a waste of the trip.

A trip to Bangkok in summer (April) without a bowl of khao-chae to enhance ones gourmet memory is also a waste of the journey.

Here, my share of khao-chae chao-mon (the Mon ethnic people style rice soaked in jasmine-scented water, serve with tidbits) from Raan Pa Noi in Koh Kret. Simply a treat!

khao chae chao-mon set, THB 70 set (for 2 persons), available all year round

khao-chae at
Raan Pa Noi Khao-Chae Koh Kret ****

56 Moo.7 Koh Kret
Koh Kret Otop Village

Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120
Tel.: 02.584.5423

Open (almost) daily : 9 am - 5 pm
Pay (khao chae set for two): THB 70


in the sea said...

Thanks for showing this place again. So much of some fond and happy memories! :)

Anonymous said...

Thai summer comes the khao chae rice again. Must eat!

Tommy Leung said...

Aha, summer time for khao chae soup rice again. Amazing and will try!

Stella said...

$2 US for 2 persons is very cheap here.

Thailand Club said...

more khao chae to come, stay tuned .. :-)

Stella said...

Yummy yummy. It is Kano Chae time again.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Great the khao chae is back here, yummy yummy my eyes!