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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Neil's Tavern Bake Shoppe


Piece of cake

Arguably Neil's Tavern is one of the country's pioneer steakhouses, and the first (true) Western standard non-hotel steakhouse in the Kingdom. Fewer (people) aware that the little house adjacent to the steakhouse, is Neil's Tavern Bake Shoppe - one of Thailand oldest quality bakeries. The fact is, before a bunch of quality European cake shops sprawling to Bangkok (after the Millennium), Neil's Tavern Bake Shoppe was one of the first non-hotel bakeries that those cakes taste like cakes.

curry puff with minced chicken, THB 30+

mash potato with minced beef, THB 65+

green tea cake THB 105+, dark chocolate mousse cake THB 105+

Neil's Tavern Bake Shoppe ***

Ruam Rudee branch
Soi Ruam Rudee
off Wireless Road

Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.256.6874

Asoke branch
G/F Prime Building

Sukhumvit 21 Road
Asoke, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.260.4391

Open daily : 9 am - 9:30 pm (
Asoke branch close on Sunday)
Pay (food only for two): around
THB 400


Tommy Leung said...

Almost forgot this bakery. We have been here before, long time ago!

Anonymous said...

Good pasties.
Price in line with the US.


Anonymous said...

I was just testing to comment at office since not working at home.
Surprised it works.
Cannot comment on your blog and SEA's at home(both computers) for a few days.


Sam said...

This cake shop looks quite homey!

Stella said...

The price is exactly same as the US.

Stella said...

Very happy finally I can comment at home after 3 nights. Good that I tried again tonight. Have been trying every night since Tuesday.

Yes the curry chicken pie here is $1.25US.

Other pastries shown here are $3.25 US each.

in the sea said...

As per my comment on mine, lately there have been some junk mails by auto function to invade the blogs' comments. Lately some even broke the word verification. I think it was very wild to make the comments function down, and the flow is on high.

jogara jumawan said...

wow this is so yummy looking and I wanna taste it! Hopefully I can visit Thailand soon♥
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