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Thursday, May 19, 2011



Make my meal easier

Last year was the year a few celebrity chefs from the kangaroo Kingdom came to open their restaurants in Thailand. Among them, there is one comes to inspire Thais how to cook and eat Thai cuisine the long lost "real" way (according to him). And hopefully we also have Guy Grosssi, the respected Italian chef from Melbourne, that proven to Bangkokians that we have better choice then Zanotti and Gianni.

Last night, I went to Grossi with a friend. The single page seasonal menu is still simple, comprehensive and appealing. And the quality of food, of course, double delicious though not wow. The fact is why do we need a wow for just a simple meal! The wow shall go to the dining with a friend and the chit-chatting.

I started with minestrone (THB 320++), my friend took the signature duck confit tortelli (THB 390++), and we shared the pizza margherita (THB 320++) as starter. Most eateries in Bangkok present their minestrone with sour cum watery texture, yes salted boiled water with vegetables, not soup! Grossi delivers the simple vegetable soup with no mistake; rich in texture, taste not too salty, neither bland, but flavorful. The margherita, all we need is a good crust with hints of quality dough, fresh tomatoes, and quality buffalo mozzarella and olive oil; and so (at Grossi) it did. For mains I opted for the abbacchio (slow-cook young lamb stew with anchovy) (THB 750++) and my friend took the pan-fried barramundi (THB 650+). Both are of outstanding quality. Our side was salad of fennel beetroot orange rocket and ricotta (THB 190++). An excellent salad. Desserts? Grossi's signature panna cotta with berries sauce (THB 250++) is a perfect choice, and it is always that perfect.

Grossi Trattoria and Wine Bar ****
Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok
973 Ploenchit Road
Pratumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.656.0444
Grossi Bangkok

Open daily : 11 am - midnight
Pay (food only for two): around THB 3,500


in the sea said...

Inter-continental - I have confidence in their outlets. Look forward to the food posts on this Italian restaurant.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Italian food with a bit Aussie taste, Guy Grossi is good at seafood, and fish of course. Now you guys have one in Bangkok, lucky you!

Tommy Leung said...

A meal in Guy Grossi restaurant for only 3,500 baht two persons is really a bargain. Bangkok is truly a gourmet paradise!

Nina Tan said...

Yes 3,500 baht for Guy Grossi's cuisine is pretty cheap price in a hotel outlet, esp. the Intercontinental. So I have one more choice in the future for Italian food in Bangkok. Are you sure two for 3,500 baht, if more than this, I will ask you to pay the difference. Thanks TC!

Stella said...

It seems that everyone knows this restaurant except me.
You guys are the real "ho" gourmets.

Thailand Club said...

seems all Bangkok's Intercontinental outlets r on par with international gourmet standard; miss the old Intercontinental (at Siam) a lot, esp. the cake shop

Stella said...

The food looks really good here.
Price is in line with Italian food in Old Pasadena.

in the sea said...

Correct. Nice veggie soup is simply on the fresh ingredients used. Just like Borsch, the essence is still on the veggie, not the tomato paste definitely.
BTW, I had a photo taken outside of the cake shop of the old Inter-continental. That's the real oasis resort inside a busy city. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

You didn't describe how the barramundi taste. Seems no sauce?

Thailand Club said...

my dear fish burger, the barramundi is ultra delicious, although it didn't hv much sauce, but didn't feel dry, as the fish is moist, well cooked but not over cooked, flavorful, fish itself very fresh, chef so clever to use pine nuts and herbs to enhance the taste, a very good fish dish!

Tommy Leung said...

I will try the duck tortelli, Baht 390 is a good price, and the panna cotta.

InterContinental Bangkok said...

Thank you so much for posting these for global use!/You are making the world a better place!

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