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Friday, May 13, 2011



Noodle in red

Arguably Samyan is one of the oldest gourmet hubs in Bangkok. One of my favorite (eatery) in Samyan - Hi-Ching Noodle Shop, its daily home-made fish balls, silky rice noodle and deep-fried taro are definitely on the foodies radar.

1. bamee yentafo regular THB 30
(egg noodle soup with fish balls, fermented bean curd paste)

2. egg noodle soup with fish balls in clear broth THB 40
3. fish balls special, dried, no soup THB 50

4. crispy fish skin THB 20
5. flat rice noodle soup with fish ball in clear broth THB 30

6. deep-fried taro balls THB 30

Hi-Ching Yentafo Noodle Shop ****1/4
357/4 Rama IV Road
Samyan, Bangkok 10330

Open daily : 4 pm - 1 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 100


Stella said...

$3US for 2 is good price.
BKK is really something.
P.S. Blog is out of order again last night for your blog and SEA's.

in the sea said...

4.5 stars. Must be very nice. :)
Stella, there has been some severe intentional blog attacking junk posting in which has caused some unstable running. The recent news is that google and its subsidiary companies have been cyber-attacked as well as some kind of a cyber-defamation done by people hired by a famous social networking forum. Not sure if that has related to the recent stumbling of

Mickey Mouse said...

if as big as likes Citi Corp., Google and its subsidiary can be attacked via cyber, then SME companies shall hv no immune to be attacked, or SME companies hv more budget to hire top cyber security & IT guys in the States! funny!

in the sea said...

Yes, lately there have been some funny things and I also wonder what, why..., but it just happened.
Re google, I found out they haven't updated their google map over 4 years. Checked the landscape of Hua Hin, HK and Taipei and even Bali. So many things aren't there. Images are more than 4 years old.
Back to the food photos, those look very nice, especially the deep fried - look very crispy. :)

Stella said...

Thank you for the update on blogger & computer related, Google, and the good food of course.