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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomyum Super


"Super" and then some!

Me, seldom have a crave for roadside eating, especially in the summer seasons of Bangkok. Hygiene is one major concern, and roadside dining in the summer cum rainy days is similar to eating in a sauna. However, I just did it last night. Can't help! Because the "super" noodle is superb.

bamee tomyum "super" THB 40
(Sukhothai style egg noodle soup in spicy and sour broth)

deep-fried wanton sheet, complimentary

senyai Sukhothai (Sukhothai style flat rice noodle in clear broth) THB 40

Tomyum Super Sukhothai Noodle ****
sidewalk 595/1 Ladprao Road
(between Ladprao Soi 1 and Ladprao Soi 3)
Chatujak, Bangkok 10900

Open daily (except Monday) : 6 pm - 1 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 100


Stella said...

$3US for two is a bargain.

Good to know that you came out last night to eat.
The deep fried won ton skin shall taste good but kind of "hot air". Good to drink some "cool" stuff afterward.

in the sea said...

The cost of the review is heat and sweat, but irresistibly worthy. Wanna try this one sometime. :)

Tommy Leung said...

So this week TC loves to eat with sweat! The noodle at Hi Ching looks appealing to eat.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Sweat in a bowl, no more seasoning needed!

Stella said...

You are so right Fish Burger.
Sweat instead of salt for the food.

Thailand Club said...

right, no sweat no gain!