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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marriott Cafe buffet


Rusted award

Marriott Cafe claims to receive the Bangkok Best Buffet Award for many consecutive years. Is it worth that credit? My view is a NO though some people may love the buffet especially those paid advertorial food critics.

Uncertain if I am more fussy these days or chefs have a very limited budget to do the buffet at Marriott Cafe! My most recent visit to its dinner buffet found out the quality of food was poor while the price increased. Not only the choice of food was poor, didn't justify with the buffet price (THB 1,450++), but also the quality was low. Though price increased, but snow fish fillets that I enjoy several times there were missing. That night, I had fishy king crab leg, non-fresh oysters, watery and tasteless sashimi in stingy thin cut, chewy prime rib, and even the pan grilled lamb chop was not tender (so difficult to have hard-to-chew lamb chop in a decent restaurant, bravo JW Marriott Bangkok)!

That night, back home, I suffered from loose bowel (a.k.a. diarrhea).

Marriott Cafe, buffet ***

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok
4 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.656.7700

Open daily : opens at 6 am all day dining, lunch buffet 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm, dinner buffet 6 - 10 pm, Sunday brunch 11:30 am - 3 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 3,400 (dinner buffet)


in the sea said...

Last time when I stayed there, the breakfast buffet wasn't bad. However, the previous lunch buffet (maybe 6 months ago) was so so. Interesting....

Tommy Leung said...

JW Marriott HK buffet is very good, much better than Bangkok's JW Marriott, almost same price!

Stella said...

$50US per person is considered expensive in BKK. Even in LA only $49US per person at Universal Hilton(Universal Studio) with unlimited shark fin soup, prime rib, sashimi, and other junks).
However, this Universal Hilton quality cannot compare with Lord Jim's buffet that I have tried. Not even close.

If the price is the same in JW Marriott-HK that means the one in BKK is over priced.

in the sea said...

BTW, Courtyard HK has launched dinner buffet from 8th May, but awful. Will report that later. :)

Michael said...

excuse me Stella, it was $55, not $50, means more overpriced

Sea, Courtyard (food part) doesn't do as good as when u visited their restaurants 2-3 years ago .. seems Bangkok hotels hv this habits, good first, loose later ..

Stella said...

So that means both JW Marriott HK and BKK not consistent in food quality.
So MO is still more consistent overall with good price.

in the sea said...

Stella, sorry for me to say that - MO has fallen behind once in a while. Most of the things are in a cycle. Chinese saying - starting a business is easier than keeping a business.

Thailand Club said...

Stella, pls don't compare Mandarin Oriental to Marriott, it is like u compare LV to CK! different grade ..

oops next time no more MO stay then, shall put u in JW Marriott, to experience the awful and terrible service that Sea had experienced last month, that remind me that not only the buffet is bad (recent days), but also the accommodation part, bravo JW Marriott, other hotels improve, but it walks backward!

Stella said...

Hi Sea,
We think MO dropped the quality just because it was too good to begin with so that it is hard to break its own record.
MO is so good that it has no room for improvement. They got a perfect ten to begin with.
It is hard to stay at momentum all the times.

Stella said...

BTW, even MO drops 10 levels, it is still better than other hotels after upgrading 10 levels.
No Marriott for me in BKK at all.
I'd rather stay at AD if this is the case.

in the sea said...

Stella, I guess it's AG, Adelphi Grande, right? AD should be 2011 years ago. :) Excuse us for not being able to stay at AD back then.
There are many new hotels this year, apart from MO and Marriott groups.
TC, I am so sorry that you had a detoxifying "pooh pooh" time after the dinner meal. :(

Stella said...

You are right SEA; it should be AG not AD. Good catch.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - Quality has consistently dropped over the past couple of years. It is crowded because most customers are on a 2-for1 member deal, but even at that cost, it is over-priced.
BTW: "Does it worth that credit?" SB "Is it worth that credit?" (now you know who I am, right Stella?)

Stella said...

Hi TC,
Your slide shows here look so nice that people may be mislead the food is good if not reading your comments.

Hi Anonymous 18:26,
Of course I know who you are Anonymous.

in the sea said...

I guess they are learning how to drop, from Sheraton Hong Kong. Time to get a grand son soon. :)

Thailand Club said...

@Anonymous 1826: Stella doesn't know u r "B"uddy .. (she thought r u her friend, if she really knows u, then both of u r spy! hehe)

Anonymous said...

It is sad to say all the buffets in Bangkok are going down hill due to : increased costs and less tourists...