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Monday, July 11, 2011



Mission east meets west

Japanese east-meet-west cafe, Yumemiya, is from the family of pioneer Italian kitchens, Italian Tomato of Tokyo, which is renowned for its cakes and desserts, and is now available in Bangkok.

kino mushroom salad with shredded chicken THB 90++; amuse bouche

J-style ebi ika spaghetti with shrimp and squid THB 220++

pork cutlet with J-style curry on rice THB 220++
kinoko spaghetti with salmon in cream sauce THB 190++

Kamakura Yumemiya Japanese Cafe ***1/2
6/F Gochisou Street
Isetan Department Store
4 Rajdamri Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.255.9894

Open daily : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


in the sea said...

This floor has quite some nice restaurants. Starbucks in the shop. Green tea desuka?

Tommy Leung said...

Confused, it is J food serves Starbucks drinks or Starbucks serves Japanese food here?

Anonymous said...


Stella said...

Would like to try Italian Japanese fusion dessert.

Thailand Club said...

the pork cutlet shop, the bento house, the ramen joint and this J-style spaghetti house, they r next to each others, this one is the money saver .. pork cutlet shop is the most expensive .. *_*

on Isetan 6th floor Gochisou Street also has J-style pizza (not interested at all), barbecue restaurant, and of course our favorite, Uta-andon 歌行燈

only the existence of S&P there is quite odd

Stella said...

No J-style pizza please. We have too many good choices on other food.
Chris is afraid of pizza after eating at dorm for 2 years.
Only the Thonglor type of thin crust pizza will attract him.

in the sea said...

S&P is still better than some insect stuff. :)

Stella said...

This place sells Starbucks too?

Fillet-O Fish said...

OMG Starbucks is everywhere! I heard that Starbucks changed its logo is to diversify its business. So sooner or later Starbucks will sell Fish n' Chips. I love it!

Stella said...

I like your good thought Fish Burger.
I like to meet you one day in BKK.
I like seafood too especially fish.

Tommy Leung said...

Light taste cakes in Italian Tomato is also my favorite.

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: yes that insect stuff should not be existence in BKK at all