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Monday, July 04, 2011

Krispy Kreme


Glazed attraction

Our American sweetheart - Krispy Kreme, is available in Bangkok.

Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee ***1/2
Thailand main branch
UG/Floor, The Siam Paragon
991 Rama I Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Open daily : 10 am - 9 pm
Pay (Food only for two): around THB 150

* (update on 28-Aug-2011: now Krispy Kreme is also available in (slightly) North of downtown, in the just renovated Central Ladprao Shopping Centre)


Stella said...

Great, my favorite donut is now in BKK.

in the sea said...

I would say "pass" for this one. :)

in the sea said...

BTW, it's because I need to have a "True Fitness" program. So any sweet needs to be "suspended" for the time being. :)

Thailand Club said...

not my favorite either, too sweet, but texture is good ..

Tommy Leung said...

I remember HK once sell Krispy Kreme, but very short life. One year then close I think.

Stella said...

OMG SEA, no cake and ice cream for you.
Can you postpone your fitness after 9-11-11?

in the sea said...

I need to have it before 911. The new anti-terrorist program is to check on those who have belly because lately there has been a report showing some terrorists developed dynamites put in belly, and it's predicted those will target again on self-bombing in airplanes.

Stella said...

Har, that is very creative SEA.
I'd better tell Chris' belly to get into exercise in this regards.

in the sea said...

SS, this is not creative. This is just reported by the US Gov't on new terrorist warning. So soon the airports will screen those people having big belly but with a thin face and legs/hands.

Stella said...

Oh that is me unfortunately with big belly but thin legs and hands. Just like those starving kids from Africa.

in the sea said...

Oh... ET phone home... :)

Stella said...

Oh yes, I'd prefer to be the ET(than the starving refugee).