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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kuay Tiew Reua Phra Nakhon


Miniature soup noodle feast

My friend brought me to a raan kuay tiew reua (boat noodle eatery) near the Victory Monument to sample bite-size boat noodles. There I noticed there is a row of four of such eateries serving bite-size boat noodles. We went to Kuay Tiew Reua Phra Nakhon, the first one by the main road.

Bite-size? Yes, I mean one bite to finish it. Here is what I ate.

Kuay Tiew Reua Phra Nakhon ***1/2
at Victory Monument
Phahonyothin Road
Phayathai, Bangkok 10400

Open daily : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 150


Tommy Leung said...

Miniature soup noodle? must be interesting!

in the sea said...

This kind of bite-size noodle reminds us of the bite-size wonton noodle 細蓉 served in the dim alleys back in the 60's/70's in HK. I like this kind of boat noodle, and the piggy head one was good but now it's a bit not consistent.

in the sea said...

Really a bite-size, or 2 bites if we slow down the pace.

Thailand Club said...

for big-mouth-green is bite-size, for most ppl maybe two bites, for elegant person likes me is three bites .. hahaha

Stella said...

That is why my friend went to HK and ordered 3 bowls of wonton soup and every time the waiter asked her is this for "to go" and every time she answered "no" with embarrassment.
What you mean by big-mouth-green?
Who is elegant TC?

in the sea said...

大口青. I guess probably you only know TVB and forget there is a TV station called ATV. :)

Stella said...

Thanks SEA. Oh Big-Mouth-Green, now I know. Sorry SEA, he worked at TVB since 1990(or earlier). I see him all the times from the old series.

Hi TC,
Did you finish all 6 bowls as shown? If yes, you are another "big mouth green" then. :)