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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Talalum Tumtum


The fun of tumtum

Talatum Tumtum is located in one of Bangkok's most popular community malls - the Suzuki Avenue Ratchayothin. By its look it maybe another Issan delis joint, serving the usual yum, namtok, somtum and spicy soup at average taste (or below average). However, such thoughts maybe a bit unfair to her. The fact is, I found that food quality at Talalum Tumtum has surpassed the usual mall food mark. Their ingredients are fresh, taste is right, zero misfires (although personally I don't like the gai liang or grilled chicken marinated with turmeric, but it is not her fault though), service is prompt and the price is wallet friendly.

Although somtum (shredded raw papaya spicy salad) is her forte, the place is much more than that.

1. yum hoy krang (spicy cockle salad);
2. nam tok moo yang (spicy grilled pork salad in nam-tok dressing);
3. tom zaap (spicy and sour Issan soup); 4. larb moo (spicy ground pork salad)

5. somtum Thai (shredded raw papaya spicy salad)

6. khao neow (steamed glutinous rice, a.k.a. sticky rice);
7. gai liang (grilled chicken marinated with turmeric);
8. larb moo yor (spicy Issan sausage salad);
9. tom klong en moo (spicy soup with pork tender)

Talalum Tumtum Esarn Restaurant ***1/2
G/F Suzuki Avenue Ratchayothin
234/3 Ratchadapisek Road
Chatujak, Bangkok 10900
Tel.: 02.512.1512

Open daily : 11:30 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 400


Yai said...

Somtum I favourite, this one have no peanuts, I like very much. I go to Avenue, can eat here next time.

Tommy Leung said...

The decoration is quite modern. A nice place to eat somtum.

in the sea said...

Quite a lot of yum. Somtum with peanuts and dried shrimp is nutritious in some way as peanut has protein and dried shrimp has calcium whereas green papaya has fiber and vitamin. :)

Stella said...

Cannot comment tonight.

Stella said...

Finally the comment section works now.
I like peanuts and dried shrimp on salad.
I like to eat pomelo salad in BKK since papaya salad is everywhere in LA but not the pomelo salad.

in the sea said...

I forgot to mention lately I tried a very interesting dragon fruit which tastes like lychee. I bought it from that famous mango shop in Thonglor. Need to go there again and see if we can get it. Very impressive dragon fruit.

Mike said...

har! molecular gastronomy dragon fruit? so that B70 is very well spent ..

Stella said...

I like lychee and Chris likes dragon fruit. And the combination shall be good.
Shall try.

in the sea said...

I think B70 is per kg. The big mango and the big dragon fruit is just B90. Actually that dragon fruit is a bit different from the other usual types. I should have taken a photo of that. BTW, dragon fruit is good for clearing mucus and good for lungs 清肺熱, as I heard from a Chinese herbal doctor here.

Stella said...

Good to learn something about dragon fruit.

Thailand Club said...

don't know how Mae Waree find such jumbo mango, and molecular gastronomy dragon fruit to offer .. no wonder it is famous .. *_*

Stella said...

I have to eat more ripe mango this time as those in LA not good.

in the sea said...

Ah.. thanks for the reminder of the shop's name. There are times Madam and I tried their green mango (百花芒) - so good too. SS, it's the season of mango in late Aug. :)

Stella said...

Yummy yummy. I like ripe mango. I still remember the "pig kidney" mango in HK. So good that I don't want to wash my hands after eating.