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Monday, August 01, 2011

Raan Ahhan Aroi Nae Non


Encroachment delicious

Aroi Nae Non (literally delicious definitely) Restaurant, located at the beginning of Ladprao Road, serves a wide variety of classic Issan (northeastern provinces) fare. The menu covers an extensive selection of country-style favorites of Issan region, like different kind of somtum and yum to gaeng and jim-joom. My favorites are namtok moo yang and gai yang.

The owner really has guts to name its restaurant Aroi Nae Non or Definitely Delicious! However, I found, every dish I ordered was flavorsome, they are delicious, and wallet friendly too.

1. yum eggplant salad with seafood THB 90
2. grilled pork, with mint, in namtok dressing THB 60
(CNNgo world most delicious foods no. 19)

3. grilled chicken, marinated in Issan recipe THB 70

4 deep-fried sea bass THB 290

5. fried prawn in tamarind sauce THB 150
6. tomyum goong the CNNgo world 8th most delicious foods, THB 100

Aroi Nae Non Issan Restaurant ****
Ladprao Road
near Ladprao Soi 1
Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Tel: 02.939.3808

Open daily : 3 pm - 1 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 400


Stella said...

$400 for two is good price.
Look forward to the dishes.

in the sea said...

But it's open air, ok with you? Also quite spicy I guess, but it's very ok with me. I need to sneak out to this place. :)

Thailand Club said...

honey banker, it is B400, if $400 it shall be Thai dinner at Ritz-Carlton @ L.A. LIVE (if it has a Thai restaurant .. haha)

Sea, sneak out? true that it is pretty convenience getting around with the subway, this time we will make better use of the MRT, such as go to Ladprao and Chinatown, no traffic jam problem .. hurray

Stella said...

Hi Sea,
I don't mind the open air for this kind of good food and good price. So if you sneak out please include me. But this place is not a must if you don't plan to sneak out then no need.
Hi TC,
I do mean $400 Baht of course. You think I can tolerate $400 US for a meal in BKK? Not even in LA la.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Nice grilled chicken and fried fish. I guess you force them to replace the snake head fish to seabass!

in the sea said...

OK, let me sneak with Mickey, Mr. Trainer and Chris. 4 of us take a car - good... :)
Fillet o Fish, I agreed with you. That Gai Yan is very nice! Ok, we will include you for the sneaking out. 5 is a good number. 5 5 5 :)

Tommy Leung said...

Nice open air restaurant have good food at cheap price. There is subway service so tourist likes me can go there to eat too. TC has never ending good restaurants to introduce.

Yai said...

This is the one next Union Mall, climb ladder few steps to walk in restaurant. I ate here before. Food very delicious here.

Anonymous said...

Please include me.
This is the food I like to eat in BKK(also the price too).
We can skip TC so that he can take a nap in my room.


in the sea said...

Your room is very economically used. Day & Night sleeping...

NewArt said...

Hi TC,

Would like to try this place that you recommended so highly.

Is the place near Ladprao General Hospital?


Thailand Club said...

@KP: i have no idea where Ladprao General Hospital is. Aroi Nae-non Restaurant is at the beginning of Ladprao Road, few meters from the MRT station, and is very very close to the Union Mall.