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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kuang Seafood


Sea in tanks

Advertorial for Kuang Seafood doesn't appear frequently in local medias, probably Kuang doesn't need any! Unlike a seafood diners' trap near Big C Superstore Rajdamri branch, Kuang's offers fresh (and some live) seafood at a reasonable price. Every night Kuang Seafood is packed with local and foreign customers, sharing a night of feast in cheer.

One of my visiting friends is a cockle lover, not only is he quite strict on freshness (of seafood) and hygiene but also he is lazy to travel far from his hotel to eat. In this case Kuang Seafood and my friend are the prefect match. Every time when he is in town, we go to Kuang Seafood for his cockle and seafood dishes. Though the food is far from outstanding but definitely worth every buck I paid. The fare is tended to be of Thai-Chinese accent; stir-fried dishes (incl. curry crab) and steamed fish are all expertly prepared, while the gaeng and tomyum dishes shall give way to Thai restaurants. In Phayathai and Pratunam area, Kuang Seafood is arguably the best shot for inexpensive seafood dining with comfort and quality; however, service maybe a bit sluggish.

Kuang Sea Foods Restaurant ***1/2
107/12 Soi Rangnam
Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.642.5591

Open daily : all-day-dining 10 - 2 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 700 without crab
(live crab THB 600-1,000 each)


Fillet-O Fish said...

They look locally good. Are they from two meals or just one, you eat a lot!

Tommy Leung said...

They look delicious, is the dish at lower right goose feet? Soi Rangnam is not near Sukhumvit, I think this place not familiar for tourist!

Thailand Club said...

@Fish burger: three meals, repeat dishes each meal incl. cockle, fish, veggie, and deep-fried dried squid ..

@Tommy: yes, it was goose web/feet

in the sea said...

Passed by it but still haven't tried it. If the service is better, it can go up to 4 stars?