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Friday, August 05, 2011

Khao Chao


Southern charm lights up Thonglo

Before the first time I ate at this little eatery in Thonglo, Khao Chao, I (always) guessed that this is an ordinary Issan somtum hut or Ayutthaya boat noodle joint when I passed by it; who knows; it is actually an extraordinary Thai restaurant with a Southern twist.

Extraordinary is that the restaurant is homey and of
Baan-lae-Suan style; even the wait-staff look like someone's domestic helpers at home.

Extraordinary is that the restaurant has only a single page laminated menu, but everything on that is delicious.

Extraordinary is those Thonglo high-so aunties, who are hotel fine dining major sponsors, are also Khao Chao's regulars. Didn't I mention that I had passed by the restaurant many times but hesitated to step inside due to its nondescript shop facade that made me think it is ordinary. Thanks to one of the 'auntie' regulars who brought me there after a business meeting, finally I sampled her food, and had my palate experienced some joy for the day.

One more extraordinary, is that the bill doesn't match with the Thonglo high-so standard.

Two days ago I revisited Khao Chao with two friends, we ordered these.

gai phad takrai (stir-fried chicken meat with cashew nuts, lemongrass and herbs)
gaeng ju (clear soup with minced pork), THB 60

phad sataw (stir-fried stink bean with prawns in shrimp paste), THB 80

stir-fried minced pork in Thai basil and chilies with fried century eggs
gaeng kiae waan phad han (stir-fried green curry, with pork), THB 60

pla daeng tord cumin (deep-fried offshore fish with cumin), THB 110

lod chong nam kati (pandan flavored glutinous rice flour in smoked coconut milk)
chao kuay (herbal jelly with ice)

Khao Chao Thai Restaurant ****
341 Thonglo Soi 17
Sukhumvit 55 Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.712.5665

Open daily : 10 am - 8:30 pm (close 3rd Sunday of the month)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 350


Thailand Club said...

as seen in the post, how much do u think the meal consisting of six dishes (incl. a fish) + two desserts cost?

in the sea said...

THB900. The restaurant's name is Khao Chao, and do they serve Khao Chao?

Tommy Leung said...

Seems Thonglor has many surprise. Southern cuisine isn't that everything very spicy?

Although you try to misled us the place is an inexpensive restaurant, but I think a meal in this nicely look restaurant shall be not less than 800 baht.

Stella said...

I think all the food and dessert combined shall be 1,200 Baht. But that is food for three persons.
So food for two shall be average at 800 Baht I guess.
This price is still cheap in Thonglo.
Please bring me here if this is the price.

Fillet-O Fish said...

As seen in the post, good price, so I guess they shall be 5 dishes @120 + 1 fish dish @ 250, 2 desserts @ 50, round up to THB 970. This was the cost of a meal at Ruen Thong Thonglor I ate with TC around 10 years ago! Ten years after, now the dinner cost two folded. If those show in the post really cost around THB 1,000, then already a miracle price.

The fish with cumin is appealing to eat. Must be yummy. Not having too much experience with Southern cuisine, must try this fish one day.

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: it is not khao chae, but Khao Chao (chao has a few meanings, one is master)

@Tommy: yes, it is spicy as all Southern cuisine does

@Stella: good try, actually u, Sea, and Tommy guess r close to each other, however, ever if it is that cheap, u won't eat there, as 90% of the food r ultra spicy, except the fish, clear soup and stir-fried mixed vegetables (not shown in post)..

@Fillet-O Fish: very logical guess, the cumin fish was super yummy

Sam said...

Aha game again! I guess 1,100 baht la.

Stella said...

Hi Fish Burger,
You ate with TC 10 years ago at 970 Baht already and yet still you guess this meal costs 970 Baht after 10 years?
My guess of 1,200 Habt already under priced. But since TC asked us to guess then this must be cheap, otherwise this meal looks like $1,500 Baht.

Anonymous said...

Khao Chao, probably 700 baht.

in the sea said...

I just noticed I mis-read Chao to Chae, as I returned to this post. Thanks for clarifying.
Local Thai food are quite salty and sweet and of course very spicy.

Thailand Club said...

as shown in the post, six dishes (incl. a fish) + two desserts, was THB 520

food only for two, THB 350

fresh ingredients, clean and hygiene, good taste, good price!

the lod chong pandan noodle in smoked coconut milk is a must eat, around THB 25

Stella said...

Har, only 520 Baht for all these? Really a bargain.
If worth to try then please bring me here.
I can eat spicy as long as no white pepper powder type.
But if too salty plus too spicy then no need.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Har only 520 baht for all these and THB 350 for two? If you post this on 1st of April I will not believe. How come this one is cheaper than that small local restaurant we ate 10 years ago. That one was cheap already!

in the sea said...

Amazing... Let me sneak out to this one too. :)

Stella said...

I can sneak out with you SEA and leave the other two at hotel.
I can eat spicy as long as not too much the white pepper powder.
I am not afraid of hot chili at all.

in the sea said...

The other 2? There are 5 of us. You must be too tired from the recent financial turmoil. Take care please.

Tommy Leung said...

Crazy price! Did you eat there in a dream, or 20 years ago and just post today? Really amazing Thailand and amazing Thonglor. Next time please bring me to eat here.

Stella said...

You are right Tommy. I also think this post was from 20 years ago due to the price. This is back to the future.
Hi Sea,
Three sneak out and two stay at hotel(TC and Chris). How can I forget to bring my favorite Trainer to sneak out?

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good deal in Thonglor. Thanks TC for sharing.

Stella said...

I am sure I can take this kind of spicy dishes.
As long as there are one or two non spicy dishes for Chris then ok.

in the sea said...

BTW, I just noticed there is a town called Khao Chao after Pranburi, near a beach area where Aleenta's sister property Nishaville resort is, about 1.5 hour drive from Hua Hin southward.

Stella said...

Good that you discovered a new town SEA.