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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Cassia Cafe afternoon tea


Tea by the tree and creeper

My foodie friend brought me to Cassia Cafe two months ago for brunch; since then I revisited this lovely tea room several times, either with friends or alone. Once I went there for its English afternoon tea after I was dismissed from a (boring) business meeting on Soi Sawasdee (Suk Soi 31). Thanks to Cassia Cafe, I relaxed and took a sip besides the cassia tress which rescued my tired mood at that moment!

The Cassia's English afternoon tea set consists of choices of tea (among them, some are rare teas brought by the owner from around the world) or coffee, finger sandwiches, and a pair of scones. The finger sandwiches being so-so while the scones were beyond expectations. The pair of butter milk scones, served with (real) clotted cream and jam, did pose a decent Scottish accent. They had an excellent crispy-moist texture, and rich buttery flavor. Simply yummy!

The service was friendly and pleasant, though slow.

Cassia Cafe & Tea Room ***1/2
20 Sukhuvit Soi 31 (Soi Sawasdee)
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.662.0325

Open Tuesday-Sunday : 9 am - 10 pm (Sunday opens at 10:30)
Pay (afternoon tea set): THB 199+ per set


Thailand Club said...

as seen in the post, how much do u think the English afternoon tea set shall cost?

Tommy Leung said...

This tea room looks nice and beautiful. And the tea set is very nice. I think the price is 350 baht a set.

Yai said...

This is very beautiful and high class cafe restaurant and near the house of Thailand prime minister (last day laew, tomorrow is the lady Yingluck).

Afternoon tea set I think that sell 399 baht one set.

I want to eat tea here too.

in the sea said...

THB159. :)

Soi 31 is pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great. Guessing game again. I like it.
Just cannot open the blog one day and here comes the guess.
This looks like Baht 300 but
I would guess it is Baht199 here.
I know this shall be under priced otherwise TC will not ask us to guess.


Fillet-O Fish said...

Scone is part the national food in the UK, and I am glad that Bangkok has good scones too.

This cafe looks very home and country, for the high-so and Japanese tai-tai in this area perhaps.

The tea set, I guess it is THB 259 a set.

Anonymous said...

Soi Sawadee has many chic and luxury restaurants. Once TC brought us to a French restaurant - Le Vendome, another occasion to tea at Eugenia Hotel, they are all good.

Thailand Club said...

the English afternoon tea set is only THB 199+ per set, with choice of normal tea blend or rare tea

Nina, there r few more places in Soi Sawasdee that offer good food

Stella said...

Ha Ha Ha I got it right.

in the sea said...

THB199 pretty good. Nice environment.

Tommy Leung said...

This is another super deal. Very high class place but cheap price. This soi is near Thonglor right? TC please bring me here to tea next time.