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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shun No Mai


Fail to dance

When I was a little child, sometimes I would sneak into the kitchen to cook my favorite dish - deep-fried chicken pieces. They were actually leftovers (steamed chicken) prepared from the previous meal; I took them out from the fridge, rubbed and marinated the chicken pieces with soy sauce, deep-fried them in the sea of running oil; seasoned them (yes again, so you know how awful they tasted!) with additional soy sauce and salt; when done, I poured some seasoning agent on them, so my master piece was a dish of salty meats; the only taste my taste buds could detect was - salt. I ate them while watching my favorite TV program, Sesame Street. Later when my taste buds gained strength, I realized that it was a little crime in culinary means.

Shun No Mai, a Japanese show kitchen style buffet restaurant, bravely opened in Thonglor few months ago, reminds me of that mischief I did in my early childhood.

At THB 680++ per person (all-you-can-eat) it is not difficult to please diners even if Shun No Mai just serves mediocre food; the inexpensive price tag helps her to gain back some credit; however, its raw fish, or sashimi, quality is worse than those you can get for fifteen baht at Klongsan, and cooked food used low grade ingredients; meats are pale and tasteless. The only taste was from the heavy-weight seasoning sauce.

My friend, who was also in the table, proved that the sashimi was lacking freshness with a result that he suffered a food-poisoning kind of diarrhea that night. I was okay since I didn't touch those raw stuff.

Shun No Mai, literally dance of the season, did not have the food dance, but had our colon dance!

Shun No Mai Japanese Buffet Restaurant **1/4
Floor G Opus Tower
139 Thonglor Soi 10
Soi 55 Sukhumvit Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.714.7589

Open daily : lunch 11 am - 2 pm (set lunch),
dinner 5 - 10 pm (buffet and a la carte)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,350


in the sea said...

Mmh... if that's a little soy sauce on the leftover chicken, it should be ok. In the old time, food could be pretty salty.
THB680 is not cheap at all. There are in fact some very bravery restaurants. Thanks for telling that we should cross this out.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing from eating here is going to rest room smoothly.
But $20US for laxative is quite expensive.


Stella said...

Your slide show make this place look misleadingly attractive though.

Thailand Club said...

don't worry, when ppl look at the sashimi pics, they realized how stale the raw fish was, though cooked food looks good in presentation, but our mom taught us, don't conclude something just by its appearance, try it or read TC food blog .. hehe

Stella said...

You are right TC.

Mother taught us that good slide show may be misleading so better read your blog and comments. LOL.

Buathon said...

I was there once with my Japanese friends, they found the food there very authentic Japanese food indeed...

Fillet-O Fish said...

The key element in a Japanese cuisine is the freshness of the ingredients, if they are not fresh, then no authentication in any mean!

Anonymous said...

Just went there a week ago, the food was so terribly bad taste, cheap raw fish and not fresh, meats were overcooked. I should have trusted your review.

The manager kept bugging and pushing us to order expensive side order such as otoro tuna belly from the a la carte menu, for an extra charge . Hey what's for? We were in an all-you-can-eat deal.

I should have sensed something was wrong when I didn't see a Japanese customer ate there. The clienteles were lost foreigners, and those silly readers misled by newspaper advertorial, like me.

Thailand Club said...

@Buathon: u r very lucky, on the night i ate there, no Japanese customers, only farang, Thai, and a group of Filipino ppl

@Fish burger: u r right, if no freshness then where is the authentic, taste is not only the element that told a cuisine is authentic or not, but also the ingredients and cooking technique ..

@Nina: poor girl (and ur lovely husband), no pain no gain; btw, a few senior staffs also push me (several times) to order expensive items from a la carte menu, very annoying and stupid acted, if they wanna do a la carte and get rod of expensive seafood (maybe were there for a week, or two), they better forget about the buffet, sigh, they don't even know what business patten they want .. big laugh

i c Shun No Mai rolled out heavy ads and advertorial in media, i think instead the money spend for PR, the owner shall hv a better budget to buy decent ingredients, not all s-pure meats r good, it depends how long they were stored deep frozen in a fridge and how a chef cook, accept wastage, and hire a Japanese chef to station there, not just hit-and-run cooking course and hv those monkeys who never like J food instead of somtum to stay in the theme-park kitchen ..

oh btw this place position itself a theme park cuisine, only few hundred meters in size, so where is the park, so laughable ..