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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Malai Coffee House khao tom set


An institutional khao tom feast

The aging Malaysia Hotel in Bangkok's Sathorn district is definitely not on my list of recommended venues, but the midnight khao tom (boiled rice soup) set, on offer at its coffee shop - the Malai Coffee House, is one of my favorite supper choices due to both its good quality and very affordable price.

Midnight khao tom dining ****1/2
Malai Coffee House
The Malaysia Hotel
54 Soi Ngamduplee
off Rama IV Road
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.679.7127

Open daily 24 hours
Pay (khao tom set for two 10 pm - 6 am): THB 150+
(choices of 3 dishes with a big pot of boiled rice soup)

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Fillet-O Fish said...

This one is really an institute of Bangkok budget accommodation. Midnight khao tom set. You must discovered it while you spy on this hotel. Good price though.

Tommy Leung said...

Nice side dishes to eat with khao tom soup, the way Thai people fried omelette is unique, quite crispy. Immediate want to eat khao tom soup now.

in the sea said...

Malaysia Hotel? Soi ngam duplee is what I recall the dumpling shop mostly. :)

Stella said...

I like the Malay styled Hainan chicken rice and chicken Hoi Fun.

Thailand Club said...

Stella, sorry no Hainanese chicken rice and no ho-fun here, except the name, this place has nothing let us think of Malaysia ..

strange that i am kind of look down on this pretty rundown hotel, but i can always enjoy a meal there, that's life, full of contradiction ..