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Monday, November 14, 2011

Malai Coffee House breakfast


Feast of the dawn

Malai Coffee House also has Western and Thai breakfast set and a la carte on offer, but usually it is the restaurant's renowned khao tom set that wins my order. Today, I intended to be rebellious on my routine at the Malai Coffee House and I ordered a breakfast set. I found it is not bad!

Breakfast set ***1/4
Malai Coffee House
The Malaysia Hotel
54 Soi Ngamduplee
off Rama IV Road
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.679.7127

Open daily 24 hours
Pay (breakfast for two): around THB 250


in the sea said...

A very self-explanatory movie. Lat Prao has become a water world. Next time I'll get you a rubber boat. :)

Stella said...

Oh TC, this looks like a flooding movie.
Yes Sea shall leave all his inflated rubber floats to you TC.
Hope the situation has improved by now. Please keep me posted as Jade Channel did not report the flooding situation for the past 3 days. (They have been reporting daily for one month already.)
My customer in BKK just emailed me today her office is closed due to the flooding.
I think her office is close to HSBC where we have passed by once.

Stella said...

Someone just watched this and asked me how did you come up with such a nice video when flooding.
I told him you swim when you are taking this video.

Anonymous said...

God bless BKK.
We love BKK.

in the sea said...

TC took the water motorcyc. for all this video taking, maybe. :)

Thailand Club said...

guys, the videos were from You Tube!

in the sea said...

Well... that's why I quoted "maybe". :)