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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Roadhouse Thanksgiving buffet


Thanks, turkey!

Every year, I don't want to skip two very important meals, one among them is the Thanksgiving dinner. Though I am not a farmer, but I shall give thanks for being able to live so happily on earth.

I am not an enthusiastic turkey eater, and usually I eat the big bird only during very special occasions, such as the Thanksgiving. For nearly twenty years living in Thailand, I have always waited for a feast of truly impeccable turkey menu to celebrate with this festive moment, whether it is in an individual establishment or in a hotel's restaurant, but to no avail. But tonight my prayer was being answered, at Roadhouse, the roast turkey breast served in the Thanksgiving buffet dinner was so moist and tender with the rich flavor of the bird, and the flavorful giblet gravy enhanced the taste to a truly impeccable level. Surprise! The buffet offered scrumptious pumpkin pie as well.

For the once in a year festive meal, I didn't eat alone. Tonight, I ate with two friends, one of them is a foodie from the U.S. who really knows Thanksgiving menu, and he agreed that the dinner at Roadhouse is a very pleasant one.

Thanksgiving buffet dinner ****
Roadhouse Barbecue Smokehouse and Grill
942/1 Rama IV Road
Surawong, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.236.8010

Open daily : 10:30 am - 1 am
Pay (Thanksgiving buffet dinner): THB 895++


Stella said...

Good for you and your 2 friends.
Waiting to see the big bird here.

Tommy Leung said...

I don't really eat turkey, but I like smoked turkey sandwich.

in the sea said...

Thanks for showing these. I used to take a lot of turkey meats way back to my time in CA. It's a very good meat, lean but nutritious. I like the stuffing with chestnuts and raisin and together with the cranberry sauce. So nice!

Stella said...

Wow, good that I looked at this after my turkey dinner. Otherwise I don't want to eat mine. I only had lots of turkey, plus lots of carrots, peas and stuffing, then followed by pumpkin pie that is it.
No beer, no shrimp cocktail, no crab cake, no fruit for me.

Surprised that BKK has such a super Thanksgiving meal way better than those in LA(even high end one).
Succulent and excellent turkey meat you have.
Lots of side dishes, appetizers, pies and fruits.
The slide show from this post is better than many restaurant web sites here in LA.

Nina Tan said...

We went to Marriott Cafe, B1,850 plus tax and service, with great holiday features, but turkey was not juicy, and quite tasteless.

Thailand Club said...

yes, i hv to admit that the Thanksgiving dinner i had this year is the best i hv ever had in Thailand, not just the slow roast turkey was moist and succulent, but other selections were also nicely cooked, and authentic, they r real American food .. a real Thanksgiving treat!

Nina, i hv a friend also went to the Marriott Cafe on the 24th, he told me that the food is kind of okay that night, except the turkey (bad) .. hahaha .. no pain no gain, next year, wanna eat with me?

in the sea said...

Seems like Marriott Cafe doesn't know how to "slow roast" stuff.

Stella said...

Yes, your turkey meal is more American than the one we had here in US.

in the sea said...

If it's not a must for eating a roast turkey in Thanks giving, next time dice the turkey and stir fried them with celery and carrot and deep fried cashew nuts and ginger slices. :)