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Monday, February 06, 2012

Phuket Town


Pungent delicious from Phuket

Bangkok's hip Thognlo strip is not short of foreign cuisine and chic Thai fusion restaurants, but it doesn't have a good hand of merit Thai restaurants that food Thai grandmas will not hesitate to put in the mouth.

All time favorites are
old guns such as Thon Krueng (corner Thonglo Soi 13) and Ruea Thong (corner Thonglo Soi 17), while newer players like Khua kling + Pak Sod (Thonglo Soi 5) and Khao Chao (Thonglor Soi 17), are eateries that serve authentic (Thai) and old-school dishes. Last year the Phuket Town adds spices to this high-so(ciety) community (Thonglo) with its debut to the gourmet scene.

Phuket Town, with her name, hints that the cuisine is emphasized on the Southern (especially Phuket) specialties with most of the ingredients sourced from Phuket; dishes like
nam-prik pla ching-chang, stir-fried pak miang, stir-fried sa-tor bean with shrimp in Southern spicy curry paste, and Southern style yellow curry with ocean sea bass fillet with young coconut tip, pineapple and banana stalk, are cooked with true Southern accents. Interesting?

If you eat too much fried chicken fillet in pandan leaves wrapper, steamed sea bass in lime and spicy broth, and green curry, then it is about time to evolve your palate to another level in the Thai cuisine - at Phuket Town.

deep-fried Phuket Town fish cakes, THB 140
(sauce already marinated with fish patties, so no more dipping needed)
stir-fried TH bitter gourd with eggs, THB 95

nam-prik-kra-pi-goong-sod, THB 150
cooked shrimp paste, served with fresh & cooked vegetables, and cha-om omelet

pork belly stew Phuket style, THB 150 (to me so-so, but friends love it)
masaman curry with chicken drumsticks, THB 150

fermented rice noodles, served with vegetables, steamed crab meat curry, THB 180

Southern style yellow curry, with ocean sea bass, with selection of vegetables,
bamboo shoot (left) or young coconut tip (right), THB 180

stir-fried Southern sa-tor bean with prawns in shrimp paste, THB 180

stir-fried crab meat with lemon sauce, THB 250
'oh-aew' banana jelly with red beans & red syrup topping, THB 55

Phuket Town Thai Restaurant ****
160/8 Soi Thonglo (Sukhumvit 55 Road)
(at Thonglo Soi 6)
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.714.9402

Open daily : 10:30 am - 10:00 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Stella said...

Look forward to the food at this Phuket Place.

Anonymous said...

TC, how come you have never ending Bangkok restaurants to review and post here! Bangkok has too many restaurants.

in the sea said...

Good to save the travel time and feel some Phuket atmosphere.

Stella said...

Yes TC has unlimited discovery of good food in BKK, a big gold mine of food, travel and leisure.
Thank you TC.
Thank you BKK and Thailand.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Oho Phuket cuisine, looking forward to the food photos.

Stella said...

Make sure there is fish for Fish Burger though.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Oh yeh any fish for me here? Thanks Stella to remind TC!

Anonymous said...

Too bad no dish yet for Fish Burger.


Thailand Club said...

no whole fish, but there r unique fish cake and nam-prik kata fish curry paste ..

Sam said...

The food looks nice, lots of curry and hot.

Stella said...

More food and photos here.
Finally there are some fish cakes for Fish Burger.
Also I saw the word "sea bass" in this post.

Tommy Leung said...

Pretty nice food, they must be very hot.

in the sea said...

Next time if I am around this area, I would try it though it is very hot.

Mickey Mouse said...

next trip, pls remind me to bring u to a J restaurant at BigC Ekamai, or one on Ekamai Road, i always forget these two ..

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