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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mae Sri Ruen


Chicken noodle landed in the Paradise

Fifty years ago Mae Sri Ruen stared from selling chicken noodle in Pattaya and has now expanded to a chain eatery with nearly twenty branches in Bangkok and Pattaya; with her renowned chicken noodles (either soup or stir-fried style) still being the star of the shop. Last week I went to the Paradise Park and spotted that there is a Mae Sri Ruen outlet, so I settled my early dinner with her chicken noodle.

sa-te barbecued pork skewer, THB 96
fresh spring roll a la Mae Sri Ruen with crab's claw meat, THB 85

stir-fried flat rice noodle with eggs and chicken (guay-tiew kua gai), THB 60

half-century famous chicken noodle a la Mae Sri Ruen, THB 37

sizzling small oysters dipped in batter on hot plate (hoy tord), THB 175
(this hoy-tord is a surprise, very fresh oysters, nice blend of batter)

roasted chicken a la Mae Sri Ruen, half, THB 140

Mae Sri Ruen Restaurant ***1/4
Paradise Park branch
3/F the Paradise Park

61 Srinakarin Road
Prawet, Bangkok 10250
Tel.: 02.931.9443
Mae Sri Ruen

Open daily : 10 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Stella said...

I like chicken noodle with soup too.

in the sea said...

Somehow I didn't try their chicken noodle but their Pad Thai is quite ok.

Thailand Club said...

there is one Mae Sri Ruen banch near us, on Silom Road (opposite Silom Soi 19)

Stella said...

The chicken noodle is in small portion though.
Not enough for TC.

in the sea said...

Thanks and will try try later.
SS, small x 2 or 3 aren't small then. :)

Stella said...

Oh that is correct but in that case the price is also small x 2 or 3 la.
That is why food in LA is cheap considered the huge portion. Price of lunch special with drink is around at Garden Cafe is $7 US but the portion is 3 times of those in BKK(which is already bigger potion than those in HK). Most of the times I ate half and packed the rest for my husband he thinks that is one new order instead of left over.

in the sea said...

I see.. so when your husband goes out to dinner, he would wonder why every dish you order is double sized.

Anonymous said...

Mae Sri Ruen is very delicious chicken noodle in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

I have tried the one at Pattaya Klang, Pattaya. I ordered 3 dishes: big knuckle, fried scramble egg with minced pork, and coconut chicken soup. I would like to say, this dinner is the most awful one within my 3 month stay at Pattaya. The pig knuckle is cold, the scramble egg is burnt, and the taste of the soup is a mingle of salty, sweet, and sour. You cannot taste the natural flavor of the herbs of the soup and the coconut milk is so little that you even can forget it. It is totally different from the picture of the menu. Well, that is why there are not many customers patronize there.