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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kokhun Ponyangkham BBQ


BBQ bite crossover

The consume of quality local beef (don't yuck, Thailand has decent beef); not only do we save money from trans-ocean transportation cost and high excise tax for those imported cuts, but we may also help the world to reduce carbon emission. The most tender local beef, reua kokhun ponyangkham, is the original Thai-French bred cattle, first raised in Moo Baan Ponyangkham Village of Sakon Nakhon province, is best known for its tenderness of texture and flavorful taste of the red meat.

Thais are not keen on eating meat in a big chunk (e.g. steak); the common scene where I see locals eating beef are in suki (Thai-Chinese hot pot) restaurants or in jim-joom (Issan hot pot) joints; that's especially for the Issan (northeastern provinces) villagers; slices of beef are the essential ingredients for a pot of a fiery jim-joom feast, and of course the best choice is laid on the kokhun ponyangkham Thai-French beef.

In Bangkok, though there is a handful of jim-joom and barbecue specialty eateries which serve kokhun ponyangkham beef from Sakon Nakhon; the original vendor shall be honored to be Khunthong, whose his father was the one who brought up this Thai-French breed of cattle, at Ponyangkham Village, Sakon Nakhon; that is where the name kokhun ponyangkham beef came from. Today Khunthong's family is the key Thai-French beef supplier to local supermarkets and individuals through its Thai-French specialty butchery; Khunthong himself runs jim-joom and barbecue restaurants under the brand Kokhun Khunthong Ponyangkham Restaurant (nine of them now). There they serve kokhun ponyangkham beef with choices, barbecue or jim-joom, and a wide range of Issan 'must-have' delicacies, such as somtum (spicy shredded raw papaya pok-pok salad) and gai yang (grilled chicken).

Kokhun Khunthong Ponyangkham Restaurant ***
Huaykwang branch:
Ratchada Soi 4
Ratchadapisek Road
Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310
Tel.: 085.056.7330

Open daily : 5 - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Stella said...

I like BBQ a lot.
Look forward to the photos.

in the sea said...

Yes, agreed that we should eat more local manufactured stuff wherever it's possible. That's also how many chefs practise to use local ingredients. Actually I like Thai beef as it's leaner. :)

Mike said...

but to eat local beef (other than Thai-French), we need to hv strong teeth!

Fillet-O Fish said...

Aha, TC's favorite Thai-French beef has an original Thai name. The food looks very local, and the fish not so appealing to eat!

in the sea said...

Or have a sharp knife..., or simply get a minced beef dish. :)

Stella said...

You guys are very creative and humorous.
This kind of BBQ here is around $30US per person while I am only half full.

in the sea said...

half full? Unless there are some beef buns maybe. :)

Stella said...

Yes, Korean BBQ is quite costly in LA, especially for Kobe beef or rib.
The $30US per person is usually half full to me.