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Thursday, February 16, 2012



Bye the fish and cheap

Bangkok has too many fish and cheap (chip) eateries but almost all of them treat their customers with either greasy chips and fish, fishy, unapproved sauce, or overpriced, and some luxurious hotel restaurants even serve fish and chips with rather inexpensive dory fish but cast an expensive price tag (guys, dory sold less than two hundred Thai baht per kilogram at Marko) on it.

I am a fish and chips eater, I have been long waited for a proper chippie in Bangkok, one like Rock and Sole Plaice or Golden Chippy in London; but not those that serve in a pub while the beer is the show, which is very popular in Bangkok.

The recent opening of Snapper, a seafood eatery with mostly New Zealand catches to offer, let me finally see the light (to eat good fish and chips here); this Kiwi seafood eatery serves gorgeous, lightly battered, non-greasy, ocean fresh fish and chips, with six choices of fish (all) from New Zealand. Snapper also has a brief seafood menu on service, eventually it is a seafood restaurant with wild-caught catches from the New Zealand waters to offer, but her fish and chips just steal the spotlight on her. Snapper, arguably the best chippie in Bangkok, is also the only New Zealand restaurant present here.

Their service, enthusiastic, prompt and kind.

NZ thick cut home-style chips, THB 120+; NZ red gurnard, THB 180+

NZ lemon sole, THB 220+; NZ Southern hake, THB 180+

a scrumptious fish and chips feast at Snapper New Zealand Restaurant

chunky seafood patties, THB 260+, slow cooked, w/ tangy mango salsa

jalapeno tiger prawns, THB 280+, sauteed in NZ butter with onion,
garlic, capsicum, lime and jalapenos, served with toasted ciabatta

pan-fried NZ lemon sole, THB 300+; marinated mixed olives, THB 110+

spiced fish salad, THB 240+; NZ style seafood chowder, THB 240+

Snapper New Zealand Restaurant ****1/2
1/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.651.1098

Open daily : 6 am - midnight (except Sat & Sun, opens at 11 am)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 700


in the sea said...

100% agreed it's a 4.5 stars! Well deserving. :)

Stella said...

I like your title of "fish and cheap".
I am also a fish and chip eater. Eat almost once a week from restaurant on the 1st floor of office.
This post is good for Fish Burger.

Stella said...

The fish and chip(also the price) is similar to those in LA.

in the sea said...

I like the salad here too. Must try.

Thailand Club said...

i like the chunky seafood patties, besides her fish & chips ..

Fillet-O Fish said...

Bangkok finally has a real chippie with quality fish and chips. From the photos, they look very appealing to eat, and close to Rock and Sole quality. Price is just half of those in London.

Tommy Leung said...

Beach look decoration and very nice fish and chips. A must try for my next Thailand trip.