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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

China Dumplings


China Dumplings House 中國水餃
(formerly Sun Moon House)

Every countries shall have some hold-in-the-wall kind of nice eateries, so does Bangkok!

China Dumplings House under same management of the two-decade dumplings paradise Sun Moon House 日月樓 still serving Bangkokians a choice on authentic Chinese dumplings as well as Chinese northern provincial delicacies.

1. stir-fried string beans; 2. fried marinated pork dice

3. mabo tofu (bean curd in spicy minced pork sauce); 4. fried CN eggplant

5. boiled pak-choy & minced pork dumplings; 6. noodles in minced pork sauce

China Dumplings House 中國水餃 ****1/2
15 Soi Ngam Duphli
(off Rama 4 Road)
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.000.000

Open daily 11am - 9:30pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500



Stella said...

The dumplings and won ton in BKK are really beyond my expectation. They are surprisingly good. Not even one has failed me so far.

Stella said...

In fact, my friend also made the same comment. She said if the Thai food is good in BKK it is expected. But she did not expect even the dumpling, the Peking Duck, the Chinese food, the French food and also J food can all be so good.
And don't forget my friend is a full time gourmet in HK.

in the sea said...

100% agreed... I think the last time I went to this shop was at least 7-8 years ago. Glad to see it is still there.

in the sea said...

Seems like it's a Chinese cuisine week..:)

Stella said...

I think you eat more Taiwanese food in BKK than I do in LA or Taiwan.