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Thursday, December 03, 2009



A taste of Taiwanese cuisine

In 2000 by coincidence I explored an exquisite (and authentic) Taiwanese restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 39, it was the Water-1999. Water's dishes were one of the best outside Taiwan; certainly it is not in the category of those overseas Taiwanese Restaurants that altered taste to please the market outside of Taiwan. Since then I was a regular to Water-1999 until the restaurant had to give way to a property development on the premises.

In 2008 by coincidence I found Demi, also a Taiwanese restaurant. My favorite dishes such as Basil Chicken Pot in Taiwanese Three-cup Sauce, Clams with Tofu and Chili Sauce, Stir-fired Pork Kidney with Ginger, Stir-fried Beef in Taiwanese Sa-cha Sauce with Morning Glory, Ma-chu (glutinous balls covered with peanuts flakes), and the beloved Pork Belly Stew in Sweet and Salty Gravy on Rice can all been discovered in Demi. The weird part is, they almost tasted the same with those in Water-1999.

After three years of temporary operation in a smaller shop (selling lunch box and light meal) on Thonglo Soi 21, in 2007 Water-1999 made the empire-strike-back with the name Demi.

Demi, name of the restaurant, and name of the owner, as well as name of the chef. They are three-in-one. So make sure the owner cum chef is in the kitchen before you place the order.

Demi Taiwanese Restaurant 茶米餐廳 ***1/2
21/15 Sukhumvit Soi 49
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.662.6485

Open daily : 11am - 10pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,000


Stella said...

Wow, all these dishes are my favorites, especially the 3-cup, Sa Cha, and the kidney.
But don't eat this too much as the 3-cup sauce and the Sa Cha is very "hot air". My mouth and lips always feel dry after eating that.
It is good to have a Coke with this kind of meal as Coke(or 7-Up/Sprite) can cool down our internal system. That is why Soda used to be called "cool water"(Leung Shui) by the "Toy Shan" people here.

Stella said...

I did not even eat that much Taiwanese food in Taiwan.
By the way, your blog download very fast speed.

in the sea said...

Wow.. what a show of some very authentic Taiwanese cuisine! It's so warm to see some good old friends around after all these years. Well, the Hei Hsuing Sa Si is incredible - what a symbolic soda of Taiwan!

Mmmh... SS, I need to share with you one thing to deal with "hot air" food. Always let those "hot food" cool off to around 40 degree celsius. Why we often feel hot air by some symptom of "sore throat" after taking hot pot or BBQ, is that most people take the food right after it was taken from the hot pot/grill. It's very easy to burn/boil our throat and which our throat inflame. So that's the thing making us feel like "hot" air. Of course, there are food "hot" or "cool" in its nature but the temperature can help a lot to make it less extreme. So just like the 3 cup chicken, if the wine hasn't been evaporated enough, the alcohol may still be there and making you feel a bit dry.

Anyway, eat slowly and taste the food and think about what is in it and behind it of how it is cooked...etc.

Anonymous said...

well i think Stella can only enjoy real taste of food after she can sit down cool enough without bothering any burden, that's the time Chris got the ph.d and she retired :)

in the sea said...

I see... that means she will be uptight and fast for another 5-7 years. Think she needs more stay at MO BKK to be given more "living" projects such as feeding the fish while waiting...etc.

Stella said...

Thank you Dr. Jon for telling us to let the hot pot food cool down before we eat. That is what I try to tell Chris too.
TC, there is no conflict between food enjoyment and burden. Didn't you hear about "convert your burden or stress to eating"(Fa Bay Fun Wei Sick Leung)? :)
So the more burden the more food. Absolutely no conflict.
That is why we eat a lot at work when we have stress/pressure. And we also eat a lot when there is no stress/pressure. That means we constantly eat a lot everyday. Eat, eat, eat till we drop.

in the sea said...

Agreed to some extent we should convert our stress into something else. Just like someone cleaning the house when they get angry... :) Or someone making the Chinese turnip cake when they are under stress.

Stella said...

Or someone to eat eat eat or shop shop shop until she drops when she is stressed out(or when she is happy too). :)