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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

La Truffe


Secret service on duty

Another paparazzi-free eatery in Bangkok. But press the doorbell won't grant you access to this restaurant if your name is off its White-House-style guess list.

I am talking about La Truffe. The house restaurant set inside the mystery Ma Du Zi, a self-proclaimed 5-star hotel without (openly) public access. Only hotel and restaurant guests with advance reservations will be escorted to the restaurant through the embassy alike closed gates.

La Truffe offers French cuisine of Provence accent. The Baht 650++ lunch set is not of best value in Bangkok but quite good in quality. If you are interesting for her dinner, please don't leave home without your platinum black credit card.

1. Lunch set started with amuse bouche - olive mousse on bread (mousse taste good)
2. 1st course - French onion soup

3. 2nd course - N.Z. mussel stuffed with garlic butter
4. main course - pan seared butterfly rainbow trout in Nicoise vinaigrette

5. dessert - blanc manger (French almond pudding)
6. coffee or tea

La Truffe ** 1/2
Ma Du Zi Hotel
9/1 Ratchadapisek Road
(corner Sukhumvit So1 16)
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.615.6400
La Truffe

Open daily: 7am - 11pm
Pay (food only for two): expect THB 6,000 (Lunch set available at THB 650++)

left- the facade of the hotel; right- La Truffe


Anonymous said...

The rainbow trout looks pretty yummy!

Is this hotel like those love hotel in Kowloon Tong? 5-star love hotel!

Stella said...

Wow TC you are lucky enough to go to all these "members only" private "Ka Bo". This is really like VIP treatment in White House.

in the sea said...

I almost booked this hotel for the coming trip but AG gave me a very pleasant reply to make me keep on staying with them. BTW, it seemed to be on a link to either Small Luxury hotel or some other alternate hotel group chains.

Anonymous said...

I stayed here before. The deluxe room cost me HKD 2,600 each night. Guest room is just like something better than Novotel or Holiday Inn Chidlom. But price at Mandarin Oriental level! Service staffs sincere but not professional. For people like staying in somewhere like a home (then why book a hotel), Ma Du Zi maybe good, as this hotel has no real lobby and reception. Entrance is from a narrow door (as seen in TC's pic) go through a "living room" to the lift. For HKD 2,600 this hotel doesn't have enough facilities, no view, no swimming pool, only a small so-call French restaurant also work as a wine bar. Noisy during night time.

For HKD 2,600 I regret not go to stay in Peninsula or Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

Thailand Club said...

well Ma Du Zi room rates drop to Baht 7,500 for a basic room during the low economy seasons

in the sea said...

I saw some web selling it at around US$120 to 150... Maybe they came to realise what they are. Just like those Dream Hotel or S15, from US$250 down to 70... :) BTW, if you want a lower ceiling room and prefer the room not too quiet, then try it.

Stella said...

So this hotel is suitable to bring the Ah 2 here since it is kind of private and home like and not noticeable so Ah 1 cannot find Ah 2 here.

Anonymous said...

$300 US for this kind of hotel is very expensive gentlemen. I'd rather to to MO-BKK then.

Mike said...

yes this place is suitable to be a 5-star love hotel, but not a 5-star business hotel

in the sea said...

very specific. So one more time, not 5-star tourist hotel. :)

Stella said...

Got it.
Not 5-star tourist resort hotel but a private love affair "Kar Bo" hotel.