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Monday, December 21, 2009



Moving Backward

Since we tried to escape from high-db-noise (noise, not vibe) and congested ambiance at Zanotti, for many years we jump to her sister restaurant Vino di Zanotti (Vino), a wine bar cum pizzeria also sited on the same soi (lane).

Our first visit were five years ago. Satisfactory began with the able young farang manager* who has excellent service manner and knowledge on wine and tapas. We received good recommendation as well as close attention from him and his service team. Later the decent service was gone in alongside with his departure.

A revisit to Vino few nights ago, we found that the restaurant was quite empty instead of the once full-house scene. We further found that the food quality didn't stay while the price flew. Service? We felt that the present manager may enter to a wrong industry!

Lucky that in Bangkok we are never short of good Italian restaurants. An unofficial survey suggests that we are surrounding by some 250 Italian eateries that are either owned by native Italian or ran by Italian chefs, and over 30 of them are quite good. We have choice!

Vino di Zanotti **1/4
Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10110

Pay (food for two): around THB 2,500

* Ex-Manager Alex Morabito opens his own wine bar and restaurant Opus on Pan Road (off Silom Road), and it is superb (both food, wine and service)

* (Update 2010-Dec-01 : Congratulations! Vino di Zanotti is closed forever. Justice served!)


Anonymous said...

I see fish and meat swim. That's how they do sauce?

I gave up that market place alike Zanotti for long time, so it is time to let Vino include in my Bangkok no-go list!


in the sea said...

Apart from HK as a higher living cost city, I do find Bangkok have a very board variety of int'l cuisine and most of them of quite good quality. So I told my Korean colleague that the first 1 to 2 days in Seoul would be quite exciting in seeing all the small dishes being put on the table. Later on, it would become a standard and even it's getting a bit too much from the red sweet or red hot sauces. So it's quite noticeable that not too many western people are in this city for vacation. When people decide to stay in a city, the culture, the people's mentality and receptiveness and the infrastructure are the very major considerations. So Bangkok, though traffic is still a problem, would deserve all the attentions from the foreign visitors or settlers. Anyway, big cities often have traffic problems, why pinpoint it for Bangkok?

Have been told a lot about Zanotti, but still couldn't get a chance of trying this legendary restaurant. However, I would prefer something less crowded. Angelini, Beccofino, Rossano's and Bacco would be getting anyone much occupied.

Stella said...

Yes SEA, you are so right.
BKK is well known for its variety of good Int'l food with high standard and low price.
Also, except for HK, no other Asian Country can showcase so many different kinds of Int'l foods on one boiler plate. Not in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, S'Pore, India, or China. All of the above Asian countries have very limited choices of Int'l food. HK and Thailand are the only two exceptions.
TC and SEA, both of you are lucky in terms of eating good foodsssssss.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Japan, China, and Singapore have very limited choices of international food!

Thailand Club said...

Sea, about Zanotti, if it was 8 years ago when it just opened, quite good; but now, no try no lose

Anonymous said...

Ok we will forget about this Vino di Zanotti and Zanotti Restaurant!

Yai said...

The pizza looks so ugly!

Andrew said...

The worst thing is the manager only greets Caucasion customers, not Asian customers. Maybe he thought Asian has no spending power..... Bad service.....

in the sea said...

Har... another old time colonial type manager. Pity on him....

Thailand Club said...

don't worry, only very few dinosaur style refuse to live on to the 22nd century; most of the Caucasians we met here r very friendly and nice persons

Anonymous said...

I went to Zanotti with my family last month. Price expensive (Baht 14,700 for 3 adult and 2 kids) but food so-so (not worth), service wise not friendly.

Thailand Club said...

for B14,700 u should treat yourself to the Mandarin Oriental's Ciao or Shangri-la's Angelini, persitency on food quality is guarantee as well as service

laying ur dinner choice from a guide book is not wise, as usually those guide books r just paid advertorials based material, they r quite misleading to readers

that's why i set up this gourmet blog, free of any advertorials, every meal i reviewed here was a full paid meal, and i went there as an anonymous

in the sea said...

Or on the other way round, do need a guide of those advertorials as "no go" list. :)

Anonymous said...

I will follow those Guide Book information for no-go.

Thanks TC you really do us a super "community" service!

Anonymous said...

We gave up these two restaurants for long time already. Smart right!