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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dairy Queen D-rimnam


Where doesn't serve soft ice cream and hot dog!

A friend from San Francisco is bored of Bangkok downtown riverside dining where only small bridges (hey Jack, not everyone can dine by the Golden Gate Bridge so often!) and a few hotels composing the view, therefore he requested a change.

There we took a 50-minute boat trip to downstream of Chaophraya River, to the D-Rimnam (used to call Dairy Queen) Seafood Restaurant in Nonthaburi province.

The ambiance here is relax, service is prompt and helpful, and food (Thai, seafood, pastry and Japanese) is superb if you order the right one. Just like dining in any Thai restaurant, we need to order the right dishes the restaurant is good at. There we skip the Japanese selection!

1. khao kriap park mor (steam rice flour wrapper with stuffing)
2. mee krob (a classic dish of sweet and sour fried noddle in a nest)

3. hor mok ka-nom-krok (baked curry fish paste on earthenware)

4. pla kapong neung manao (steam sea bass in spicy lime and chili broth)
5. tumyumgoong (sour and spicy soup with prawn)

D-Rimnam (Dairy Queen) Seafood Restaurant ***1/4
27/4 Moo.3 Rattanathibet Road
(besides Phra Nangklao Bridge)
Saima, Nonthaburi 11000
Tel.: 02.921.8670

Open daily : 5 - 10 pm
Pay (food only): around THB 800 for two with seafood


in the sea said...

Another interesting restaurant at the upstream of Chaophraya in Nonthaburi. The table setting looks cozy and it's kind of a South Beach style. I enjoy riding on those long tail boat by watching the daily living style along the houses/quarters of the river.

Stella said...

Please include this one to our next agenda.
We want something different, like this 50-minute boat ride. Also include the flame big prawn by riverside. Please mark down before these two before we forget. I like the uniqueness of these two places.

Thailand Club said...

part of the restaurant is a floating one, show pic on right :)

in the sea said...

I think it's good to have meal on a floating restaurant on the river and if the river tide is high, then you have a better view. :)

Mickey Mouse said...

then the best season to visit shall be August - October

Yai said...

This is a nice seafood restaurant for the local. Rattanathibet will very soon become part of Bangkok when the city is expanding.

Fillet-O Fish said...

So this place has many many classic dishes? Another good place to eat at.

Tommy Leung said...

I like this countryside seafood restaurant by the river.

in the sea said...

Mmh.. the dishes look very local.

Thailand Club said...

yes this place serves many local classic dishes, as well as home-made cakes (local taste as well) for the local middle class and well-off students :)

Stella said...

Local dishes are more authentic and nostalgic.