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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Noodles in Sea of Red

Yentafo is a bowl of noodle in tofuee fermented tofu paste (that red color paste) with fish balls and tidbits, either served dry or in soup.

Thanks to Yentafo Noodle House Group never tired to open more branches in major shopping centers; therefore we can enjoy this popular roadside delicacy in the comfort of an air-conditioning and clean dining room, saving us from unnecessary sweating.

1. fish ball noodle in yentafo soup; 2. fish ball noodle in clear broth

Yentafo Noodle House ****
Basement, the Esplanade
99 Ratchadapisek Road
Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.660.9119

Open daily : 11 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only): around THB 150 for two


Stella said...

Noodle from Red Sea. Sound like Bible feel.

in the sea said...

Actually it's quite similar to the Cantonese "south" preserved tofu but the this Thai one is sweeter. It's quite a good alternate choice for noodle soup.

Anonymous said...

In Thailand everything is sweeter, incl. gals' smile :)

Thailand Club said...

u r quite correct :)

Stella said...

Not only gal's smile but also guy's.

in the sea said...

and even the city's.

Stella said...

And the waiters', particularly those from Mandarin Oriental and all other hotels we stayed. All service and memory are sweet in BKK.

Fillet-O Fish said...

These red colour soup noodles look so scary but very delicious.

Yentafo said...

Was pretty good, i ate it 2 days ago