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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lek Seafood


Floating on Bangkok C.B.D.

If you don't mind going a little rustic, Lek's food is great. In fact Lek is almost the only place in the area you find fresh seafood cooked in decent Thai style with a good price.

People may argue if those side walk seafood hawkers on Silom and Surawong Road are also good! I will not counter such pledge only if they insist stale and fishy seafood are good, with bonus that hygiene is never in the vendors mind. Remind you that those side walk seafood joints are not necessary cheaper in price though.

1. spicy cockles salad with mint and chilies (yum hoy krang)
2. crispy fish maw salad (yum sam krob)

3. fried river prawn in tamarind sauce (goong phad sauce makham)
4. steamed cuttlefish in lime broth (pla muek neung ma-nao)

5. stir-fried bitter gourd stem (phad pak yod mara)
fried whole live crab in curry sauce THB 700 (poo phad pong garee)

Lek Seafood ***1/2
Narathiswas-rachanakarin Road
(beneath BTS Chongnonsi)
Silom, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.636.6460

Open daily : 5 pm - 11 pm
Pay (food only): around THB 800 for two (without live crab)


Stella said...

So this is a floating seafood restaurant then.

in the sea said...

If those people cook and shop in the market, they should know more about those sidewalk vendors' seafood quality. There were times I was "kidnapped" to those kinds of sidewalk vendors' for seafood. I just acted like "oh, so full, so full, after taking some veggie.". :) Of course, with high sodium seasoning and chilli/sugar/fat, anything can be "tasty".

Thailand Club said...

no Stella, floating is only our palate, not the restaurant :)

Stella said...

Thanks TC.
$30 US for 2 people is cheap for tourists but not that cheap for local people.

in the sea said...

You had a very nice touch up on the photo of the shop. :) Is it a new shop beneath Chongnonsi BTS? Seems like it's new but maybe not as I might treat it as a shop selling local fast food.

Thailand Club said...

Stella, seafood shall never cheap, so $30 for local is still a cheap deal

Sea, this is not a new shop (at least 10 years already)

Thailand Club said...

btw Stella, THB 800 is only $25 (not $30) even the US$ keep diving

Stella said...

Thank you TC.

in the sea said...

hope the US$ is scuba diving. :)

in the sea said...

I mean not more than scuba diving. :)