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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hong Kong House


魚 翅 撈 飯

Not just decent home cooking Thai cuisine is hard to find in Bangkok's C.B.D., so does Chinese Cantonese cuisine! Good Cantonese feast seems only available in 5-star hotels?

Hong Kong Kitchen on Surawong Road is the rescue to the dilemma. This bistro of Chinese Cantonese accent is a mix of modern ambiance and old school dai-pai-dong* flavor. There serves no 5 stars gourmet, but food taste nostalgic and authentic. Take the shark fins soup for instance, it tastes like those I ate in a wedding banquet in my baby days at Ocean Palace or the City Hall in Hong Kong; while the wok-fried jumbo prawn with ginger and scallion just tastes like those dai-pai-dong one. Also the pipar tofu (mash tofu, chopped shrimp and ground pork in paste, deep fried) is a classic dish hardly found in Bangkok.

Hong Kong House ***
84-86 Surawong Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.637.1367

Open daily : lunch 11 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 700

* dai-pai-dong or roadside restaurant is an unique culinary culture in Hong Kong, a collective memory for the Hong Kong people, due to hygiene and political reasons, HKSAR Government ceases issuing new license for dai-pai-dong since 2005.


Stella said...

Shark fin is one of my favorites. Would like to eat 2 times in BKK if possible.
LA will have no shark fin soon. And now getting more and more expensive($25 US per rice bowl and it used to be only $10 to $15 before).

Sam said...

Aiyo, rice with shark fins mixer, so luxury dining on Surawong Road!

Stella said...

Yes Sam, luxury shark fin with rice at cheap price. That is why BKK's good food and cheap price make us jealous. Sometimes that is disgusting.

in the sea said...

The internet is getting something wrong nowadays. Perhaps too much traffic. My comments of yesterday is missing.

I think the way of eating shark's fins over rice is to first eat the fins first, leaving the sauce to go with rice. :)

Stella said...

This is not the first time I see the internet went wrong. There are few times I just saw incoming mails coming to my "in box" and then disappeared in one second.
Also, my IT guy told me if the comment from blog is canceled by blogger it will mentioned "comment canceled by blogger" there. So if the comment disappeared by itself with no remark then it is an internet problem.
So computer is not perfect too.

Paranoid Android said...

How could I have missed this? You are really the intrepid food searcher! Nostalgic tinged food is fun, sometimes.

in the sea said...

OK, my IT guy told me the Window firewall or some internet security will remove some emails or messages if they consider those are of some threat.

Mickey Mouse said...

usually for real threat they never remove but to delete friends emails from my friends, that's why we sometimes do not receive (or lose) important emails, thanks to those ppl in the MS ivory tower

Stella said...

Now my company automatically blocked all emails that they think are spams, junk mails or have virus. The problem is: how can they decide?
I could have missed out lots of emails which the IT Dept thinks are junks while they are not.

In fact, the best is still to send us all mails and let us decide if we shall open or not. Why they need to pre-screen?

Stella said...

Now your post also has the funny word verification like SEA's.

in the sea said...

OK, so we will be back to step 1 in cyber world. We may expect to see some emails in certain classes. So there will be "registered" email, "double registered" email, air-email, email-by hand, email by-courier, surface-email, and the last but least wanted lost-email.

I often told my business friends not to use some subject like "Hello" or "I need help". You need to make your subject more differently.

in the sea said...

Stella having the word verification is good to protect the blog posting by filtering out spam postings. Those spam postings may carry some monitoring spyware to check on your computers when you post your comments.". So please be tolerant in this regard.

Stella said...

Yes, good to have positive thinking.

Yai said...

p'TC next time you bring me to this HK restaurant dai mai?

Thailand Club said...

@Yai: dai ja, but u pay