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Thursday, August 05, 2010



Gems in an epicure slum

I always complain that Bangkok C.B.D. (Silom and Sathorn) doesn't not have a sufficient of non-tourist-oriented or non-commercial (Thai) home cooking venue in sight; indeed it is a mercy for anyone to find an "eatable" Thai restaurant in the area.

To crave for a real feast, we need to drive to the old city or off the C.B.D., time consuming when traffic is bad (and it is always bad).

Except Suntawa, one of a very few gems in the epicure slum - Silom!

1. grandma recipe yum hua-plee (spicy banana blossom salad)
2. authentic home-style goong chae nam pla (raw shrimp in bird-eyes chilies and fish sauce)

3. aromatic moo yang Issan (grilled pork with selective fresh vegatables)
4. pungent hot gaeng baa nuea (villagers' jungle curry with beef)

5. Suntawa pla kapong nung manao (steamed sea bass on broth with chilies and lime)
6. freshy phad pak dtum-lung (stir-fried ivy gourd stems and leaves)

Suntawa Thai Restaurant ****
Silom Soi 3 (Soi Pipat)
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.233.0940

Open daily : 11 am - 9pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Stella said...

Look forward to seeing this one soon.

in the sea said...

Good to see a real Thai restaurant in this area. May have passed by it but not noticed it. Await to see the photos to refresh my memory.

Tommy said...

Never found a nice Thai restaurant on Silom/Sathorn/Surawong not for tourists. Thanks for introduce this little home cooking Thai restaurant. Next time we have a better choice!

Paranoid Android said...

I don't think I have noticed this place too! By the looks of it, it will be worthwhile to visit it.

in the sea said...

This is something interesting about the Thai cuisine taking the banana blossom as food, and eaten fresh. Whenever I see this one, it reminds me of a secondary school text book about a girl boiling a clear soup of banana blossom to cool down the fever of her mother. The deco of this restaurant is quite family style. That got us to think about mother's or grandma's cooking.

Thailand Club said...

size does matter, but in Suntawa case, small is good! all dishes authentic and old-school taste .. quite home cooking style

Stella said...

I cannot tell this is a slum at all.
$10 US per person is a good deal.
I don't mind to eat here but not a must though.

Tommy Leung said...

I think TC doesn't mean this restaurant is a slum, but he said the CBD is a epicure slum!

in the sea said...

4 star rating slum is still worth for a try. In fact, some part of this area may not be too pleasant for some people as there is not enough light along the street.

Stella said...

Thank you Tommy and SEA for the note.

Yai said...

Lots of chilies on the raw shrimps, must be spicy and very delicious.

Thailand Club said...

@Yai: yes very old school Thai, so generous use of herbs and chilies, this place is real Thai food

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if this is the most updated address for the restaurant? I saw somewhere that they have moved. Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

Thailand Club said...

@Anonymous 04-Dec 22:09: the restaurant had been closed for good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. Very sad, was really looking forward to it after seeing your review. It would have so close to where I am staying.