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Thursday, August 12, 2010



Ice cream with berries

iberry is the pioneer of local ice cream cafe chain that makes icy creamy desserts to premium standard. From classic flavor such as vanilla and chocolate to tropical Thai fruits flavor such as tamarind and rambutan, iberry has a collection of 100 flavors to serve (in rotation) in her cafes. To offer dessert seekers more variety and stay in competition actively, iberry also serves cakes and desserts. However, with rapid expansion in recent years, quality of ice cream and service do not stay.

iberry Honey Toast THB 169, the cover-version of After You's Shibuya toast
this one, outside burnt with bitter taste, inside is insipid, lack of flavor and texture, toast quality like those taan-lao (foreign labor) could buy from a roadside market for 5 baht; wondering why such an established ice cream chain has to be a copy-cat and doing worse as a result ..

iberry Cafe **3/4

iberry @ La Villa
356 Phaholyothin Road
Phayathai, Bangkok 10300
Tel.: 02.613.0544
Open daily : 11 am - 10 pm
iberry La Villa

iberry @ Siam Square
Siam Square Soi 2
Rama 1 Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.658.3829
Open daily : 11 am - 9 pm
iberry Siam Square

Pay (desserts only for two): around THB 300


Stella said...

Good to see Ibery in your post. I almost forgot about this dessert place which we think was so good before.

in the sea said...

Easy to start a business but hard to keep it. I also have a list of some good restaurants now dropping its quality.

Stella said...

Yes, setting up new business is easier than keeping up.
It is always hard to keep up with the good work, let alone to exceed.
Just like most of the Chapter 2 movie is not as good as the first one.
Same as restaurants too. Or hotels. Or banks.
Our new branch always has better deposit growth than the existing branches.
Hard to exceed at a matured branch.

in the sea said...

It's because human natural behaviour would become less motivated when they feel contented.

Stella said...

And also people's expectation get higher after the Chapter One success.

Yai said...

Oh iberry mai aroi laew!

Thailand Club said...

still not so bad, but not a must!

Stella said...

Yes not a must while it is ok to have.
TK ice cream in Thonglor shall be a must this time.

Stella said...

For this trip I would like to explore the "555" and "TK" ice cream, plus others.
No need to go to Haagen Dazs that much. Only a few times at HD is enough.

in the sea said...

Only a few times? I doubt if you have time for the few times? :)

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

I have tried the Shibuya Toast and although my friends did not like it, I simply loved it! Gobbled it all up before they even finished complaining.

Thailand Club said...

@BkkGastronomy: After You's Shibuya toast is flavorsome because they use butter toast, not bland cheap grade white toast that iberry in use; i love that Shibuya toast too, but cannot eat too often, will make me fat ..