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Friday, August 20, 2010

Jok Rambuttri


Jok memory

Few years ago when I still love the booze, Khao-san in the Old City is one area I hang out at night. After all the fun, a bowl of jok (a.k.a. congee) might conclude the night in peace.

A revisit to this two decades old roadside hawker, Jok Rambuttri, on Thai Mother's Day (August 12) having my good old days memory back in minutes.

Jok Rambuttri ***1/2
Soi Rambuttri (behind Khao-san Road)
Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

Open daily (except Monday): 6 pm - 2 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 100


Stella said...

This looks like those "Dye Pai Dong" in HK and Taiwan.

in the sea said...

I believe it wouldn't change after all these years and that's what people want.

I only got able to know how Khao San is like is from the movie "The Beach" by Leonardo. Such a mini world inside of Bangkok.

Stella said...

I do like to eat "Da Lan" food or other food on the street. Tasty and cheap. But not during our trip in a hot day in BKK though.

If I go to HK or Taiwan in Winter then I like to eat on the street.

Thailand Club said...

@Stella: me too, but due to hygiene and the hot weather, my roadside dining adventure had been limited

in the sea said...

So we have to choose those food which is in boiling hot water/soup...etc.

Stella said...

Yes TC, you'd better not eat st those street food for some reasons.
And me too, due to my weak stomach.

Stella said...

The Jok at "Jan Dull" inside HK Airport is the best. Especially their "Scholar" and "Sampan" Jok.
Did not have such a good jok for long long time.

Tommy Leung said...

正斗 has a good name in HK.

Stella said...

Yes Tommy you are right.
I ate at "Jan Dull" again at HK airport yesterday and it was so good. We order one wonton noodle soup, one pig feet noodle soup and one "water dumping" soup, only HK $122. Considered this is at airport, the price is not that expensive.

PAD said...

Som Tam ... Where can I find the best Som Tam in Bangkok? And can you please give a breif explation on Som Tam as I was told there are many different variation of Som Tam, and they can taste quite different from one to another. Which place to go for the real authentic thai Som Tam?


Thailand Club said...

@PAD: u can search gai yang or grilled chicken, and even somtum in the blog, i hv around 6 posts on them

and in the future, i may review into only somtum for u :-)