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Monday, August 02, 2010

Les Quatres Garçons


Le boys wanna have fun

What happens if four connoisseurs from different walks of professional life sat down and asked for a baby? Les Quatres Garçons was born.

4 Gar
çons is about traditional French fare prepared with care.

Although I realized the existence of 4
Garçons for months, I was hesitant to pay the new restaurant a visit. In my mind it was "oh, another toy restaurant by those 'Yes We Can' high-so kids in Thonglo"! Perhaps it is that I was prejudiced before (later proven that I was wrong) and I made the first visit to 4 Garçons a month ago with the (high) recommendation from a friend, a foodie and a retired professor, now an adviser to the dean of a faculty of one of the top-three universities in Thailand.

This place is lacking a celebrity chef (or even a native chef from France); instead an amateur, if we consider the head chef's day time physician (yes, medical doctor) job as full time. However, this restaurant still promotes a number of reasons for me to love it.

At 4 Gar
çons, the food show glimmers of the excellent chefs who are seriously prepared with a fine dining twist, presented in a bistro ambiance, which is good because Thonglo is chic and playful in nature. I love French fine dining (e.g. the Normandie) but I also hate dressing up for a feast; 4 Garçons bridges the gap. My third reason of loving 4 Garçons is that, for almost fine dining quality, the charge is modest and very wallet friendly.

1. traditional French onion soup THB280++; 2. baked figs with blue cheese THB300++

3. sauteed frog legs THB290++; 4. well prepared duck leg confit THB550++

5. braised oxtails THB580++; country lamb stew THB580++

7. fresh (real) fig tart THB180++; 8. fresh (whole) apple tart THB180++

No matter which renowned cooking school on earth you may attend, and no matter if it is Jamie Oliver or Wolfgang Puck as your instructor, they will all tell you that best ingredients are the fresh ingredients sourced locally. At 4 Gar
çons chefs are supporters of LMF, meaning they source fresh produce and ingredients locally (as much as they possibly can). For instance, figs are brought in from a Royal Project farm in Chinagrai. Compared to imported figs which are three fold in price, these fresh Royal Project figs avoid massive preservatives and harmful chemicals, ensuring that they taste fresher and we eat healthier, helping our globe with less damage from carbon emission.

Tired from reading reasons that I changed my mind about this newbie French bistro? Then you need to see it for yourself. Beware that you may bump into the kingdom's most respectable food critics, celebrity chefs, royalty, M.L. or me sitting next to you. So make sure you behave well. (No dress code though!)

Oooops - one more sentence. 'Wine and dine' goers please note - If you don't take the whole bottle, house wine is not just one red or one white to choose from, there are six from Bordeaux and the new world. Happy?

4 Gar
çons Brasserie & Patisserie ****
Oakwood Residence Sukhumvit Thonglor
113 Thonglo Soi 13
Sukhumvit Road Soi 55
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.713.9547
Les Quatres Garçons

Open daily : lunch 11 am - 3 pm, dinner 6 - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 2,500 (lunch set THB 580++)


Stella said...

Look forward to seeing the pictures here.
I think this is the place our stay too.
Anything related to Thonglo is gorgeous.

Thailand Club said...

sorry Stella, this is another Oakwood, not the one u will stay on Suk Soi 24

Stella said...

Oh I see.
Thank you TC for the note.

in the sea said...

but Stella can try it first in the first round. Yes, lots of good places in Thonglor, even a street side stall!

Stella said...

Yes SEA, I plan to eat at Thonglor several times during the whole trip. The Hainan chicken, the ramen, the Italian Place, the Thai Restaurant and good ice cream, the I-berry are all good options. Probably no time to see the FBI lady.
Lots of good places and good food but too little time. Maybe I shall bring some digestive & throw up pills so that I can eat more.

in the sea said...

Don't eat too much digestive pills. Eat in a small amount but in more varieties. Little eating tastes better.

Stella said...

Wish I had your stomach.
My friend asked me how come you guys can eat so much.
I told her you eat Bill Fei Ming before the meal.
BTW, I am going to give my high school friends your blog and TC's soon. They like to eat too.

in the sea said...

Because we write and talk so much that our calories are burnt quickly. Well, I take a very tiny portion in the buffet, just like those free tasting offered in the dept. store.

Fillet-O Fish said...

The figs look quite fresh and nice. Were they taste good? Is this duck confit ok?

Thailand Club said...

@fish burger: both baked fig and fig tart r ultra yummy, instead of imported figs, 4 Garcons supports the Royal Project of Chiangrai, figs r fresh from the mountain

Stella said...

I can eat fresh figs from my neighbor's tree.
Also good to make soup. Good for your lung. Also lots of Potassium.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TC nice post. Shall try next time.

Sam said...

Thai (doctor) chef cooks French food and receive a 4-star rating from the fussy TC. So this place must be a good one. My must eat next time!

Yai said...

Too hiso restaurant for me, must be expensive. But I want to eat one day.

Andrew said...

All the photos look good specially the dishes with figs, these are seasonal. I had the frog legs, the legs were really small. A friend of mine ordered rack of lamb, very disppointed. They cannot do it right. The second piece came out was totally well well done like a piece of pork chop. However, the ox cheeks and the 7 hours lamb shoulder were really nice. With this price, I have to give them a thumb down. The service recovery was bad. I hope I was only unlucky to have this bad experience. Frankly I would not go back again. Our group went to Bliss on Suk soi 31 for some more food and desserts, it's always good there.

Anonymous said...

I could not disagree more with Andrew's post; I have been there 6 times and experienced impeccable service and great food on all occasions. Great ambiance as well. Highly recommended!!

William said...

I have never had anything other than impeccable service there. Food is always great. I suspect it is more jealousy than anything.

4 Garçons is the most promising new restaurant of 2010.

Thailand Club said...

@Andrew: oh dear pity that ur frog legs were "really small" (anyway, for me B290 it is a decent portion) like the prawn in a crepe noodle dish? also pity that u r disappointed with the rack of lamb, relief is u enjoy the rest, not all food in a restaurant r sucks! okay u "would not go back again" so let me and foodies (e.g. mcdang) continue to suffer on behalf of u there, we enjoy 4 Garcons warm and attentive service

@Anonymous 00:22: haha i know who u r! me too, only receive impeccable service and great food there, none disappointment! indeed i am thinking to hv my x'mas party hold there .. but P.P. by the Chaopraya gave us attractive package ..

@William: jealousy!! why! do u mean the 4Gs succeed and the 2Bs fail? hahaha

Merry X'mas!

Andrew said...

@ Thailand's Club. I thought this is a place to share your experience. I have checked out your blog before trying this restaurant. Surely the photos and the reviews were very attractive. Maybe we were just unlucky.

Thailand Club said...

@Andrew: my friends and i (always) hv pleasant experience with 4 Garcons

may u hv better luck Andrew, bon appetit :-)

Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

Oo said...

Last week I brought my hiso aunties to 4 Garcons. We order a lot (really really a lot) of dishes, and all of us enjoy them so much. Thanks TC for the recommendation! The bill was surprise very cheap. My aunties are very happy with the meal.