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Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitchen Paradiso


Yes, we can! (Really?)

Some restaurants need not to pursue a culinary excellency to survive in the game, if they have unlimited fresh fund from the holding companies or from their families and armed with massive pr works.
Unfortunately such scenario is overflowed in Bangkok's restaurant business.

Obama's presidency campaign might have borrowed an idea from those Bangkok's high-so restaurateurs - "Yes, we can"! There is a trend that local high-so second and third generations like to open their experiment restaurants to see if "they can" or not!

Kitchen Paradiso, owned by a quality spa products supplier and exporter also one of my favorite aroma massage oil brands, rolled out her debut in the Erawan Plaza Bangkok many years ago. The first time I visited there was 4 years ago, that was my only attempt on her food.

Last year Kitchen Paradiso moved to Siam Paragon. The location is so much better when compares to her old shop. Well-off students and lost tourists may settle at Kitchen Paradiso while the opposite Starbucks is full. Like I encountered few days ago, unfortunately!

duck leg confit failed to reach the mark! i didn't feel like sample confit that were carefully prepared in timely process the Gascony way! this one is bland, no layer of flavor, and lack of texture, i wonder if the chef deep-fried it before serving to yield crispy touch instead of slowly poached in oven then stored the leg in her fat .. strange some reviews claim that Kitchen Paradiso a duck specialty restaurant (thanks to paid pr works!) but my found is far from authentic.

Kitchen Paradiso **
3/F the Siam Paragon
991/1 Rama I Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.610.9709
Kitchen Paradiso

Open daily : 10:30 am - 9:30 pm
Pay (food only for two): expect THB 3,000


in the sea said...

Need to see your photo to refresh my memory of what this restaurant is on the 3/F of Siam Paragon and an average spending of THB1,500@person?

There are indeed q lot of survivors in every industry having their way out.

Paranoid Android said...

Never been to this restaurant before, and from the looks of it, I need not bother? Some how or another, mall food is rather predictable except for a few joints, hor?

Fillet-O Fish said...

Is this the duck shop? Also has a branch at Erawan Plaza?

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: the one opposite Starbucks, shop is nicely decorated in Med tone, but not the food

@Android: lucky you!

@Fish Burger: yes, this is it

Stella said...

$50 US for each person is kind of high in BKK.(And in LA too in fact.)

Thailand Club said...

yes, expensive but not delicious :(

Stella said...

Wow, it is not easy to find some food expensive and also not delicious in BKK. But LA has a lot of this though.

in the sea said...

Much less than B3,000, lots of choices in Paragon. Lunch at Oriental Cafe is less than B1,500. Lunch at Grill Tokyo at just B400. Crystal Jade at B800-1,000.

Stella said...

Yes, BKK is the heaven for dining and shopping. High quality and low in price compared to other big cities.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Some mall food may be pretty good. Baht 1,500 is acceptable if quality is good. But not this Paradiso duck shop lor!