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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yi-jia Ging


We-are-family Bistro

Minimized decor Shanghai Yi-jai Ging Chinese Bistro is where we crave for authentic home-style Shanghaiese cuisine but not luxury dining. From my favorite Shanghaiese wonton soup to fear-factor dishes, they have them all.

1. shredded radish with jelly fish salad
2. stir-fried river shrimp with "lon-jen" tea leaves

3. braised white eel in casserole
4. fried whole live frogs on sizzling hotplate

5. stir-fried silk gourd (buap-liam) with Shanghai hairy-soybeans
6. steamed sea bass in heavy meicai sauce (preserved vegetables)

7. Shanghaiese wonton soup
8. deep-fried sweet sesame balls in red bean fillings

Yi-jia Ging Chinese Bistro 上海一家親小館 ***1/2
128/7 Silom Soi 6
Silom Road
Suriyawongse, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.634.4175

Open daily : 11 pm - 12 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


in the sea said...

Look pretty Shanghai style except the wonton which is a bit with Chiu Chow touch with the sea weed. :)

Thailand Club said...

the size, filling, texture and taste of these wonton r like those i ate at home during childhood made by my Shanghaiese nanny, but we put shredded omelet on top of them, not seaweed (don't know why now in China, shops put seaweed on Shanghai wonton, commonly), definitely no coriander

in the sea said...

The shred omelet is very classic with the Shanghai Wonton. Seaweed is not bad. Maybe now it's time to have low cholesterol won ton. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Everything look so tempting to eat at this little Chinese bistro.

Stella said...

This place looks better than "Great Shanghai".
The won ton soup with seaweed is invented by Mainland China Shanghai people and also Taiwanese Shanghai people.
The omelet won ton soup is from the HK Shanghai people.

in the sea said...

Stella, maybe I didn't go to the right place in Shanghai. I haven't come across with wonton soup with seaweed over there somehow.

Thailand Club said...

i don't think real Shanghai wonton (that sold in Shanghai) put seaweed there too

Stella, maybe can ask ur ambassador to do some research for us during his coming trip to Shanghai!

Stella said...

I am not sure if Shanghai has seaweed in the wonton or not as I have never been there.
But all the Mainland China people run Shanghai Restaurants here have seaweed in wonton soup, 9 out of 10 (the 10th is from Taiwan who also put seaweed in the wonton soup).
I don't know if the seaweed thing is from Taiwan or China.
However, when I go to the real Shanghai people's place(such as Lily Mo's mom) to wonton there is no seaweed. And it our aunt's house also no seaweed but shredded egg on the top instead.

in the sea said...

OK, let's check it when we have time or by any chance talk to our Shanghai friends. Anyway, I like either with seaweed or shred egg.

Anonymous said...

I like with shredded egg better as it is more original.