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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coca Suki


Eat what they serve

I like hot pot, shabu shabu, fondue, and even jim-joom (Issan hot pot); but, I don't applause suki (Thai-Chinese hot pot) as they don't emphasize on the ingredients but only the sauce. That's mean you eat some deeply frozen and bloody dead ultra common seafood or meat and not necessary of top quality, but dip those food alike in a small bowl of well-mixed dipping sauce. Any suki restaurant serves good mixer dipping sauce is called a quality suki restaurant!

Among all suki restaurants in Thailand, the half century old Coca Suki Restaurant perhaps the better one in term of variety and quality of hot pot ingredients. And the bottom line is, Coca waitpersons do not sing and dance (the funny way) in the middle of my meal.

Besides suki, Coca also serves Chinese cuisine.

Coca Suki Restaurant 可口火鍋酒樓 **1/2
Sukhumvit Soi 39
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.234.1957
Coca Suki

Open daily : 11 am - 9:30 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,000


in the sea said...

Hot pot was one of the few on my friends' must-eat list in the early visits in Thailand, because of the sauce dipping. However, as anyone who knows me, I often take food with least sauce. Even for prime ribs, I just take very little mustard, no gravy at all. This way I can taste the original flavour of the meat.

Mickey Mouse said...

yes, this is how v appreciated gourmet, to enjoy the (natural) goodness of the food, not rely on the sauce but ignore the freshness and quality of main ingredients

Stella said...

No more shabu at BKK except for Mo MO Paradise it our time allows. But not our must eat.
It can be our option though.

Paranoid Android said...

MK and Coca still serves a purpose. After an alcohol fueled night which leaves me with a headache, nausea and Johnny Walker breath, I usually head to the nearest Suki joint. Taking anything more sophisticated than that would be a great waste! LOL! Have a nice week, everybody.

Thailand Club said...

now MK and Coca "improve" their choices of hot pot ingredients, fresh tiger prawn served, salmon fillet served, .. but still awaiting them to offer us real oysters in shell, live fish, geoduck clams ..

Canton Suki in Siam Square was one i go when crave for suki (mainly with out-of-town guests)

Stella said...

Shabu with "Sar Char" sauce is in fact quite "hot air" so you can drink some soda or beer to balance.
Also the soup from shabu is high in cholesterol as all the meat is cooked there. I used to drink the soup till I was told not to by doctor 5 years ago.
Now I only like the J style shabu with clear hot water base with tender beef, good sesame sauce and good price(below $15 US).
Only "Shaab" in Old Pasadena and "Shabu House" in J Town meet my requirements.

in the sea said...

Stella, wow.. you made a serious mistake. Some food, esp. meat after 30 min or 1 hour boiling will bring the acidity into the soup. What's more, those blood and protein (that brown layer on the soup) from meat/seafood would make it worse.

To eat more healthy and if you want to drink the soup. Avoid fatty beef or anything high protein or those processed food like sausage, ham...etc. Put the long hour cooking ingredients first and don't put them all since it would get a sudden temperature drop and that's how those white/brown dirt come from. One by one with the lid covered. Then at last veggie. After it's done, turn off the heat. Eat it as a casserole and the soup can be taken at a considerable amount (e.g. 1 to 2 rice bowls). :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Is Canton Suki still there?

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the good advice.
Yes, if meat boiling too long in the soup there is some material called "Peel Ling" released in the soup, and that is the major cause of the "Tung Fung".
Yes, too much acid is not good for us.

PAD said...

Personally I like the Coca on Silom Soi 6, is that still around?

Thailand Club said...

yes PAD, still there and even renovated, pic on the lower left is taken from Coca Soi 6

Thailand Club said...

Fish, Canton @ Siam Square is out, now a new shopping center for the high-so Chula kids!

Anonymous said...

Very poor services, especially Coca at silom Rd, Thais are not deserved for their services but group of Japanese are very welcome they are hungry for JPY.