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Thursday, July 22, 2010

ice Cream @ Thon Krueng


Old-school ice cream

Ever think of having ice cream in a Thai restaurant after a feast at an exquisite French bistro?

No. You didn't!

But, I do. I always do!

homemade ice cream - 1. nostalgic flavor vanilla and chocolate, 2. aroma taro

homemade ice cream - 3. custard apple, 4. vanilla, kati, and taro

Thon Krueng is already one of my favorite Thai restaurants in town since I landed to Thailand, however for almost two decades I never tried her ice cream (as I have a prejudice that most Thai restaurants don't make their desserts and ice cream in-house, they use OEM service and they are always too sweet).
Until two years ago I challenged with Thon Krueng homemade ice cream due to curiosity, and surprisingly I found my old-school nostalgic flavor there.

Bangkok epicurean scene, the crouching tiger hidden dragon!

Thon Krueng Thai Restaurant
(homemade ice cream) ****

239 Sukhumvit Road Soi 55
(corner Thonglo Soi 13)
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.391.8703
Thon Krueng

Open daily : 11 am - 10:30 pm
Pay (ice cream only for two): around THB 150


Stella said...

The ice cream looks good.
I remember I have been here with our good friend and Angel(at different table). But I don't remember I had any ice cream at all.

in the sea said...

Oh, this one really deserves 4 star rating. 2 thumbs up from me! To some people, it can't be compared to Hagen Daz, but they serve the old school ice cream flavour origin, like TC titled them here. Most of all, they are not that sweet.

Stella said...

Not that sweet is good. I don't like ice cream being too sweet. Haagen Daz is already too sweet.
That is why I like sorbet since it is not too sweet.
Dairy Farm in HK was my school day favorite.

Yai said...

p'TC you are so fantastic! Go to eat ice cream Thai after finish a French restaurant.

in the sea said...

And even after this ice cream, we can go to Mousses & Meringues. :)

Thailand Club said...

right, after whatever gourmet we eat on Soi Thonglo (may it be French, Japanese, Italian, or Issan ..), we do go for Thon Krueng ice cream, and end up with Mousses and Meringues strawberry short cake .. what a treat

in the sea said...

Haha.. Thon Krueng and Mousses and Meringues are quite opposite but we could have them linked as a final call for sweet after FULL meal. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Thonglor? Amazing Thailand!

Fillet-O Fish said...

Hey TC you are really really good at eating! Desserts and ice cream in separate restaurants, after dining in another place?

How come you are not fat? It is not fair to us!

Stella said...

Amazing SEA and TC.
Yes they have 4 stomach and that is why they are so slim although they keep eating like a..........