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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Nathong Duck


Ducky business

Foreign guide books usually point us to Sukhumvit Soi 15 when we are into a craving for local roasted duck. I ate there several times since the 90's and my most recent visit was a year ago. Disappointing is my only comment left for that decades old duck specialty while she has a formula to descend the quality (of roasted duck) year by year. No wonder local foodies were gone from scene, left only nearby white collars and foreign visitors as major clienteles.

My duck-lover friend pointed me to Nathong Duck in Huaykhwang district.

Yesterday was my third visit to Nathong. Like the other two, the succulent roasted duck again delivers pleasure to my taste buds. Crispy skin with tender meat yield the natural duck aroma in taste having us call Nathong a duck specialty without any shame. Nathong has more than roasted duck to offer. The Nathong chicken is one surprise to me. There, chefs soak the chicken to done, not boil them in water, therefore the meat is firm but tender. Only set back about Nathong is the location, as too far from my home!

1. roasted duck Thai-Chinese style (skin crispy, meat so tender, taste ducky)
2. deep-fried minced shrimp balls (so good, almost wanna eat with fingers!)

3. kale Hong Kong (soft and crunchy, Natong picks quality kale to serve)
4. Nathong chicken (we did feel like eating real chicken meat here, not bland meat)

5. fish maw soup (use of chicken broth so the brown soup taste aromatic,
unlike those oyster sauce base extreme salty one in Yaowaraj)
6. steamed sea bass with chilies in lime sauce (the fish is fresh, too much garlic)

7. fried noodles with shredded chicken in gravy (crispy noodles in mild seasoned gravy)
8. red bean paste dessert on ice (good for my Thai friend, but too sweet for me)

Nathong Duck Restaurant ****
1/16 Suthisan Winitchai Road
Huaykhwang, Bangkok 10320
Tel.: 02.277.2392

Open daily : 10 m - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Stella said...

Yummy Peking Duck, my favorite.
Please include one Peking Duck meal for me with the price and standard like the Shang Palace.
In LA, we can get with $40 US for one duck two eat or $50 US for one duck three eat(I mean the very good one such as the "Duck House" in Monterey Park I show you).

in the sea said...

Four star rating should be good. :) Stella I think this duck is not Peking duck. Anyway, we can go try one. You have a Peaking duck fellow already, do you know?

Fillet-O Fish said...

Roasted duck taste good, but I enjoy eating grilled fish more.

Thailand Club said...

right, this is a place for roasted duck, not Peking duck

@Sea, yes the food is good, local price, worth a 4-star ratings

Paranoid Android said...

Yummy, yummy. I miss the night food at Huay Kuang too. The food looks absolutely mouth watering. I have to stop myself from licking the computer screen. Even the chicken's skin looks not very fatty. Good sign!

Thailand Club said...

okay Paranoid so need a trip to Hong Kong via Bangkok for food appreciation .. oh make sure u r on diet one month before the trip :-)

Stella said...

Who is the other Peking Duck fan? Mr. Trainer? I would like to eat Peking Duck in BKK but roasted Duck not a must. As roasted duck is very good in LA(also cheap). But if you guys like roasted duck I am glad to eat too. I can eat duck everyday.
I am a duck person. Also chicken person(and bread person, and coffee person, and choco person...)

Hi Fish Burger,
You are really a fish person. Then I think you must like the grilled sea bass baked with big salt. That is really good in BKK.

Hi Poor Paranoid,
It seems you did not go to BKK for quite some time just like me.
So everything looks delicious to you and me here.

Paranoid Android said...

OMG, TC I need to diet at least for 3 months! LOL. And go dancing at Ratchada.

Stella... I was there recently for a meeting. Unfortunately there was no time to go out and explore the food. All I had was hotel buffets. Thai-Chinese food is lovely. The emphasis is on ingredients cooked in a simple way. Chinese food in KL tries to be very grand or 'fusion'. They smother bad frying technique with strong sauces and hope that nobody will notice that the food is badly prepared. Sighhh....

Stella said...

Thank you Paranoid for the note.
There are good food in KL and Malaysia too like "E Po Ho Fan", "Hoi Nan" Chicken Rice, "La Sar" and Satay........
But of course we(from KL and LA) cannot expect our food as good as BKK or HK.

in the sea said...

Stella, you will find out soon. :)

Mickey Mouse said...

sorry Stella, in term of ho-fan and satay definitely Malaysian version beats the Thais

about Hainanese chicken rice, there r different versions between Hainan Island, S'pore, Malay-Chinese, Indonesia-Chinese and Thai-Chinese (they all said that they r the original), i agree that each have their own goodness so no one is the best in my view, we shall hv an open mind

for sure Asian food in LA cannot beat those in BKK and HKG, but not Malaysia, they hv lots of quality Malay-Chinese food to serve

Stella said...

One good thing about eating Chinese or Asian food in LA: there is always room for improvement.

in the sea said...

Malaysia used to be pretty good at Chinese food. However, due to religion point, nowadays many places can't have pork which is an essential part in Cantonese cooking.

Fillet-O Fish said...

There is a handful of Malay Chinese running the Chinese kitchen in London. Some are good!

Stella said...

The Fish and Chip should be good in London. This is good the Fish Burger.