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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hong Min


Filling the hunger

Hua Seng Hong in Yaowaraj is one trusted Thai-Chinese restaurant with specialties of shark fins soup and Thai-Chinese delicacies for half a century. Due to its location (I always avoid that dirty and messy Chinatown) and my habits of no-fins dining, this outstanding Yaowaraj restaurant doesn't earn my blessing. Nevertheless, it is a blessing to me that Hua Seng Hong operates a number of sister branches in major shopping malls, as Hong Min.

This all-day-dining venue serves scrumptious Hong Kong dimsum, light meal, hot-pot and Chinese cuisine in a Thai-Chinese accent. Food is pretty good in local standard, or compare to her competitors in similar cuisine in Bangkok, Hong Min is definitely a standout from them. Currently, Hong Min offers live crab at THB 288 per crab. You may ask the chef to prepare your crab in stir-fried with curry powder, or black pepper with chilies, while I had mine in stir-fried with phad prik prao (fried pungent chili paste). Surprisingly it was one of the best crabs in prik prao sauce I have sampled. Hong Min (@MBK branch) earns my applause.

Hong Min by Hua Seng Hong 香味 ****
Shop#3A09-11, 3/F MBK Centre
(also a branch on G/F near Tops Supermarket)
444 Phayathai Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Open daily : 11 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): Around THB 150 for noodles/one dish menu, or THB 600 for full course


Anonymous said...

I like shark fin soup a lot, especially those in BKK.
Please include at least one time for the shark fin soup in August.


Tommy said...

Hua Seng Hong is very famous shark fins restaurant in Bangkok. This Hong Min is her baby branches!

in the sea said...

The one in Yaowara is good at other dishes. I like their stir fried noodle and their grilled prawns. Is the branch in Central Pararnsam still open?

Mmh.. if the serviced apt. has some Chinese cooking utensil, we can make one shark's fins soup for you. :)

Thailand Club said...

O24 has no proper utensil for cooking

Paranoid Android said...

You hate the dirty and congested Yawaraj as much as I do! LOL. Food looks yummy though.

Stella said...

Wow Sea you can make shark fin soup huh. This is very time consuming and hard to do well dish.
Maybe next time when we stay together longer like a week I really would like to try your cooking. Any dish will do.
I have tried TC's good cooking and his "Budda Jumping Over the Wall" is really super gorgeous. And the ingredients are so good. That is the best one I have ever tried.

in the sea said...

It's not that difficult. It's the preparation and a good chicken, Chinese golden ham and pork.

Buddha jumping over the wall - sounds interesting? That must be of some very refined selection of ingredients.

Stella said...

Yes, both you and TC are good at cooking and eating.

Fillet-O Fish said...

TC are you kidding with us! Baht 288 for one whole live crab? And best in Bangkok? Mini size was that!

Thailand Club said...

no kidding Fish Burger, it is good. and size is not mini, but medium size

Stella said...

Hi Fish Burger,
How about one lobster(around one lb size) for $5.99 US in LA(also buy one get one free)?
This is the trend in LA Chinese Restaurants now, after one restaurant had this promotion due to new management. Then all of a sudden the others follow.