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Monday, July 12, 2010



French into Pan Asia affairs

I confess. I almost forget a review on one of Bangkok best wine and dine venues, Reflexions. There we expect innovative French cuisine with intense flavors and the use of finest seasonal produce from talented young chef de cuisine Thibault Chiumenti.

The French moderne Reflexions is an exquisite combination of nouvelle cuisine and traditional French fare, with unusual fun on-the-wall and transcontinental vibes as the addition. I enjoyed my evening there with delectable cuisine in a romantic ambiance and incomparably attentive service.

If one feels that French cuisine is insipid in Bangkok, prepare to have ones taste-buds evolve at Reflexions.

1. amuse bouche; 2. sea urchin cream soup with poached oyster and truffle

3. degustation de hors d'oeuvre - sea bass carpaccio, duck raviole, foie gras terrine, roasted frog leg, and sea urchin cream with poached oyster

4.complimentary tequila vodka sorbet on ice

5. roasted pigeon breast and leg in duck liver pastilla, and black truffle
6. grilled Andaman tiger prawn, Sardinian couscous, fava beans and lobster sauce

7. freshly baked French bread variety; 8. desserts sampler

Reflexions ***1/2
Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok
(a Royal Meridien hotel)
10 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Bangkok
Tel.: 02.650.8800

Open Tuesday - Saturday : 6 pm - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): expect THB 6,000

The passion of contemporary French cuisine is limitless; my food is a culinary journey to discover. Thibault Chiumenti


Stella said...

It seems like the good food in BKK is endless.
It is terribly amazing.

in the sea said...

Was told about this restaurant for quite some time but too many places too little time, and too many food too little stomach. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

TC doesn't like non-authentic French cuisine and fusion food. Reflexions must have a magic to please you!

Stella said...

Wish we all have 4 stomach like the cows.

Thailand Club said...

Fish, food is so-so, but ambiance and service is superb! the French manager kept checking with us on our food and offer an extra large tequila sorbet after he found my friend loves the first one (1st one was even in a smaller cup), very attentive service!

Stella said...

This place looks expensive.
Did you go here with our mutual friend and trip mate?

in the sea said...

Somehow I didn't go to many French restaurants in BKK. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

I like French dining though I am a fish and chips person.

Thailand Club said...

Reflexions charge is moderate (of course in compare to other 5-star French restaurants), but the bottle water is expensive, THB 800++ for VOSS

Stella said...

Fish Burger,
The fish in French Restaurant is good.
If the water already $25 US then this restaurant is already too expensive.
Please don't even consider bring me here.
Here at a Zagat rated French Restaurant in Old Pasadena for a 3-course dinner is only $20 US and this is my level.

Thailand Club said...

excuse me Stella, Reflexions is a Plaza Athenee's outlet, definitely an insult to compare her to just a stand-alone restaurant; like u don't compare Haagen-Dazs with Walls (or Apollo)

Plaza Athenee brand has longer history than MO, and tag a more expensive room rates, its Paris hotel does not take no-name guest

Zagat review all kind of eateries, even hot dog kiosk, so appear on Zagat does not gain status, Zagat is just the US version of HK's Drink-Eat-Boy-Girl

indeed the food is much much cheaper than Normadie's $35 3-course lunch, just the water is overpriced; btw, the water is VOSS, not any water!

Paranoid Android said...

OMG. The spread looks lavish and luxurious. The Fergola or Sardinian Couscous seems to add some Mediterranean flavour to the food. Interesting.

Price wise, I think it is pretty reasonable when you compare with Petrus, Spoon, Amber or Caprice in HK. Or even KL's Lafite/Cilantro.

Thanks for the tip!

Thailand Club said...

yes Android this is an interesting modern French restaurant, if ones budget meets, shouldn't miss chef Thibault innovative dishes

and, for wine lover likes u, this is a nice place to wine and dine :-)