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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Krua Pradiphat


From dusk till dawn

After doing my Chatuchak JJ Weekend Market bargain hunting, I head to this Saphan Kwai neighborhood restaurant of serving affordable Thai food between khao-tom delicacies to full menu Thai cuisine in the comfort of air-conditioning dining room.

Her Mor-fai Super (Super spicy Hotpot with chicken feet) is renowned in the area.

1. yum talay (spicy Thai seafood salad)
2. phad ka-prao goong (stir-fried shrimp with chilies and Thai herbs)

3. goong ob wensen (baked glass noodle with river prawn)

4. Super mor-fai (spicy hotpot Super (hot) with chicken feet)
5. phad pad tua-lan-tao (stir-fried Thai sugar peas)

6. gaeng som pla (fish on tamarind sour curry broth)
7. pla kapong tord (deep-fried Thai sea bass)

Krua Pradiphat ***
218 Pradiphat Road
Saphankwai, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.279.8859

Open daily : 4 pm - 5 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 400


Stella said...

"Super" means it is super good, super cheap, super delicious, and super overall.

Sam said...

"Super" may be super delicious!

Fillet-O Fish said...

Super rich in ingredients?

in the sea said...

I think it's very hot and spicy.

Yai said...

Super hot!

Thailand Club said...

yes, Super mor-fai means super spicy hotpot!

Anonymous said...

So SEA and YAI got it right.